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(Ooops, another letter...when will they stop?...)

8/4/06 - Letter to California State Senator Don Perata (Oakland)   

Dear Senator Perata,

Please stop SB1056 [a proposed state law over ruling local laws about seed useage (genetically modified/organic issues)]. Any corporate attempts to eliminate the diversity of our ecosystem is a violation of life itself. From the populist movement in India to the global indigenous movement, to populist, localization movements, including Oakland and the Bay Area, people like myself are rejecting every attempt by corporations to profit by denuding the resources of our planet. In essence it is a mindless "machine" (see The Corporation for an accurate big picture) seeking profit at any cost. This must be stopped. This bill must be stopped.

It is a tragedy that the current state of our "democratic" republic forces folks like myself with the above point of view (basically reflective of the Green Party Platform) to have virtually no representation in our government. There is no Democratic Party "platform" or even platform statements or publications by individual politicians like yourself, that can be used for constituent reference so that we can be assured that you will represent policies that we support. I would say that in the last 6 years there have been multi-hundreds, seemingly to occur now on weekly increments, of legislative and policy decisions that we Greens feel are not just bad decisions, they are DESTRUCTIVE decisions to 95% of the world's population, and incrementally destructive to continued human habitation of earth.

All of this tiny incremental destruction of the viability of life, mirrors the attack on representative democracy that would stop this consolidation of power. The Red&Blue Corporate Party has sliced and diced every issue up into tiny abominable increments, and forced an army of tiny specialized advocacy groups to attack singular issues. Just like a "thousand Holes of light" in the dyke of the Public Commons, it's a loosing battle to keep filling up one hole, when two more break through.

The State and the US needs the Green Platform represented in our government. It is one of the few holistic approaches that would solve 90% of the world's current problems if fully implemented. Instead, we have the Corporate Totalitarian agenda. Just look around. The US sponsors or coaxes or looks the other way for...

- lies, corporate media "propaganda" that facilitates public "acceptance" of...

- wars

- ethnic cleansing

- torture

- spying, surveillance, secret incarceration

- corporate subsidies paid from confiscated wages of the employed

- corporate supercession of local laws (NAFTA, CAFTA, G8, World Bank and SB1056)

- corporate, monopolistic media, internet, infrastructure, military outsourcing,...

- corporate unsustainable stripping of natural resources

- un rectified ballot box tampering (US 2000 & 2004, Mexico 2006...?????...)

- no living wage laws that would eliminate poverty (in conjunction with the Earth Charter)

- global warming, radical fish depletion and toxic pollution of the ocean and water bodies

- low quality, pesticide toxified (corporate) foods

- defunding of the public sector (governments) while superfunding the private sector (wealthy, corporate)

- massive discrepancies in wealth with growing over-population of earth

- journalism, policy making, information analysis and distribution controlled by corporations

We need new blood in our democracy in the form of proportional representation and IRV. Your two party monopoly is anti-democratic and needs reform. I don't believe any Democrat can call themselves truly liberal, progressive or populist in this era. I urge you to adopt representation of the Green Platform and switch to the Green Party.

And please stop SB1056 and anything that even looks like it, just as any Green that represents the Green Platform would do. I am tired of knowing that I have to write you guys for every bill or policy abomination that comes along, knowing that you and your comrade's Red&Blue Corporate Party will just ignore it.

Revolution? Succession? When will the "abomination" stop?