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11/12/08 - AmericaWorld Corp Prop Up Calm Facade While Stripping Bare Humanity

The machine. Illusion. Control of energy (human, earth). Billion dollar poker chips, your money now, and far into the future being passed out in a feeding frenzy of piranha wealth. Voting system swiss cheese guarded by fat cats. War for profit. CreditDebt is your god church religion bow down or be excommunicated (laid off). Capacity of room exceeded, violation ignored. World burning and burning and burning, more coal, more gold. Protest?, oh pooh! Prisons and prison Voting Walling off "others' Soap opera Myth as Information as All is Nothing can be Unresolved debt? Sacrifice your life for your Sacrifice your Constitution, your democracy, your rights, your common sense, your reasoning, your

This spectacle is your friend which makes your life so important and meaningful because it serves a higher purpose than just yourself. Think of all the good it's doing and all the good in the world. Now that's better now, isn't it? No need to fret, no need to raise your voice or cause a ruckus (you know that "rocking the boat" is just... well you know... just, so rude!). Settle down to a nice cup of tea. A good book. Maybe even a tv show or two. Now isn't that better? Think of all your friends and how they need your help too! Be cheerful, have a good attitude and you will feel better because you're helping others. Things will work out. People are working for a better world. Lots of things are really not explainable and we just have to have faith. And hope. Now isn't that better?

They tried knocking on the door...for a long, long time. They backed up, and looked up into the windows but could see nothing, no one, only their reflections and opaqueness. They threw dirt clods up... and called out, but no reply. "Whatever are we to do?" they said. We're getting poorer every day while they are accumulating wealth like never before; we die and kill in their wars; we pollute and are polluted by slaving in their oily steel coffins; we drain the lives of other countries just to groundhog luxury; if we think "wrong" there's virtual Guantanamo; if we are disobedient there's Guantanamo...and they've made us the prison guards. We are here to say..."stop...stop...stop". But they are not listening. They do not respond. We try going around the side of the building and ... oops.

Whatever are they doing behind this facade? There's nothing there.


10/13/08 - The Pathological Ideology of the Pyramid Scheme that Requires the Impossibility of Infinite Growth - "A Short History of Progress" by Ronald Wright.

10/11/08 - The Greatest Threat to the World Ever.

The radical greedy branch of the capitalist church gave us the Reagan popup dollhead sounding Father God-like-Wizard-of-Oz screening our common sense from being the ruling paradigm. Profit for it's own sake consumes everything in it's path, and begets all other consumptions. Like having a barbecue in your living room it stinks like hell when it's over... if it didn't kill you. The moneydrug dealers doled out their religion of greed and built their casino on our rock. They privatized profit and socialized risk, went on a dope filled drunken spree and attempted to consume everything all at once. And when their party came crashing down they want us to pay. Their abrogation of the constitution, much less any sense of morality... their police, their military, their technological threats, their toxicity, their legal shenanigans, their media mainlining us stupidity, their fear-mongering and scapegoating, is all meant to keep control. And now its all broken.

So what do they do now? Why recoup of course. If we will put up for it.

Their 50+ year efforts since WWII to divert money from public to private sector is nearly complete. A recouping of an already bankrupt world would drain all power from the people and require a police state to control. They're now stealing the last of the funds possible to exist, for themselves, and leaving us with nothing but the debt that would keep us imprisoned for life. The money they hold needs to return to the benefit of the people rather than being consolidated by them. All of their profits and holdings in excess of personal need should be redistributed back to rebuild a functional infrastructure for all the people of the world. Capitalism has failed, authoritarianism has failed, heirarchy has failed, the cult of the personality leader has failed. The pyramid scheme is over. Viva la revolucion real!