BlueJayWayBlog - The Bailout and the Collapse of Capitalism

11/26/08 - Has the Trillionaire Money Matrix Illusion Machine Society finally collapsed?

Does anyone really know what's going on or what they are actually doing in driving the $7 trillion Bailout Hindenberg? Has the balloon of the housing market exposed the balloon of the credit market exposing the balloon of Reagan-style Capitalism? Is the house of cards finally coming down?

Contemporary Reagan Brand free market capitalism is built on the illusion of value, built on the illusion of value. The geometric bubble requirement for "growth" to sustain profits has finally burst. Not enough customers, too much product. They have created such an insatiable requirement for consumption to feed profits that it's no longer sustainable, and they keep fueling the fire with bigger illusions. People are not buying. First "banks are not lending", and now "people are not borrowing"? Say what? Who is going to borrow, or buy anything except food, if tomorrow you're out of a job or out of business? So the Bailout goes from $700 billion to $7.7 trillion in a heart beat. $7.7 trillion? $7.7 trillion is the equivalent of the last 8 years of US tax revenues! There is only 829 billion US dollars of cash in circulation and most of that is held abroad. So we are pulling 9x that amount out of thin air? What happened to the last 30 years when we nickel-ed and dim-ed every social and environmental cause into crisis...that if we had cheaply solved we would be solvent right now?

I think we need to let the drunken captains go on ahead and drive themselves and their consumer culture Humvees off the cliff and tell them not to let the cliff rocks hit them on the way down. We have what we need to rebuild. The technology. The tools and the people to make it work. We just need to get together and make it work for all of us. And make sure there are no more bosses telling us to slave for their luxury and our indentured servitude!

It really is over isn't it? Thank god and good riddence!


11/25/08 - Taxpayer Provided Capital is the Drug Dealer, Credit the Drug, Consumers the Addicts, and Debt is the Work-Free Profit Earned Engineered by the Drug Pushers (Capital Conjuring Wealth).

Empire (the state of profit acquisition) is real estate ownership and currency printing. Everyone other than the Empiracals are the Debtors. More credit, more debt, more profit. Lowering the threshold to credit (remember Greenspan's rock bottom interest rates?) delivers more debt, thereby more profit. When there's no more debtors to accept credit, profit stops. When profit stops, assets (like the debt the credit access inflated housing market created) are called in for cash. When the credit (debt) allocated exceeds available cash there's a CRASH.

Since 1980, we've gone from surplus and social supports to debt, homelessness, work-poverty; bankrupt schools, healthcare, and transportation; mandatory two-worker households, war and subversion of foreign economies, environmental neglect and crisis, and no $millions to save our critical domestic democratic support systems. Why now, because incompetance has gamed itself into bankruptcy, with our money, are there $trillions more of our money to bailout their gaming system?


How much cash exists in the US, how much debt exists in the US, and what is the difference between these two figures, by decade and adjusted for inflation, over the last 200 years?

Why is Wall Street given Bailout $Trillions of our FUTURE tax revenues without a plan while Detroit is being stiffed for $30 Billion?

What does it mean if economic experts are suggesting to lower interest rates to zero?

How much discrepancy between cash and debt creates complete system collapse; a demand by "Capital" for a complete privatization of government (which will have surrendered all it's money and power to bailout recipients); skyrocket inflation and 50% unemployment; and the requisite propaganda and police state to keep the natives paci-terrified?


11/23/08 - Why Has Capitalism Taken So Long to Fail?

Capitalism's long journey to exhaustion is upon us. Finally, out of nature and necessity it has exposed itself for what it is: an empty vessel headed off the edge of the flat world it created. The bailout, bankruptcy of nations, bankruptcy of individuals, legalized serfdom-hoods, environmental and population crisis are the final specter of system failure and the end of an epochal evolutionary chapter for homo stupidus.

Capitalism must continually multiply itself to survive. War provides the fresh conquest of freeunlimited labor and resources to set up another round of geometric multiplication required for conquesting capitalist collectives to expand evermore. Capitalism burns. It takes in good stuff and spits out crap. Capitalism consumes. It consumes everything in it's path, including common sense, and spits out crap. The idea that the burn/consumption process would need to include maintenance of resources, waste and byproducts (sustainability) to assure continued productivity of the entire system is inherently omitted. It burns and burns and burns until there is nothing left.

Consumer culture is the final stage of the process of decline and failure of capitalism. As population increases and resources decrease, an ever increasing amount of leveraging of the "burn" process is required to accelerate the growth of profits. The need for burn geometrically multiplies in an inverse relation to the availability of resources. (Thus the need to harvest old macro territories for new micro territory resources: cars and cell phones harvest time; TV harvests the mindscape; disposables harvest externalizing maintenance costs; government subsidies harvest worker's wages; dirivatives harvest money itself.) The greater the drop in the availability of resources, rather than stabilizing availability and usage, the greater the demand for accelerated consumption. This is why it booms the call to "buy more, buy more" when there is an economic crisis. Capitalism causes the crisis because it can't get enough to feed the geometrically growing need to burn evermore, so it pleads for more fuel (our money and our work) to be thrown in the fire. "Feed me! Feed me!" whines.

So what we have now is an existential crisis between the demands to consume and the pragmatic limitations of our fixed resource earth system (including us). Capitalism's Image Machine, required to zombie us into the blind burn of consumption for it's own sake, has enabled the disabling of our profit-limiting democracies through neoliberal take-overs. This defacto coup d'etat, while disabling interference of capital-seeking-profit, has decimated stable public infrastructure worldwide. Thus the very vehicle that has made it possible for capitalism to succeed, now cannibalizes itself. When capitalism tries to take advantage of this new profit opportunity by taking over roads, water, utilities, schools, seeds, agriculture, and everything in it's path, the results are so disastrous that it must also take over media sources, the military, the police, prisons, and put up border walls to control an ever-growing population of poor disenfranchised citizenry who are pissed off to the bone.

As people become aware that capitalism is a dysfunctional system benefiting only a small minority while destroying our home planet, and the lives of all of us on it, a consensus is growing that we need to find a new system... and soon. Governments, which have traditionally served as protectorates for wealth, now need to be protectorates for citizens and all the inhabitants of earth. By redirecting our monetary resources, both individual and government, towards a society of maintenance and sustainability (with protected economies and jobs that provide it) and away the from burnout consumption of privatization and profit taking for it's own sake, we can begin to build a new ecotopia from the ashes of capitalism.


11/17/08 - The Bailout is Ground Zero of the Economic Nuking of Our Democracy. 2.3 Trillion Pre-911, 3 Trillion Iraq War, 5 Trillion Bailout, Flushed Down the Wealthy Vampires Throat in Secrecy. The Democrats are Like Deers in the HeadlightsThe Media is Distorting Events to Benefit Their Club's Global Profiteering by Faulting Unions, Workers and Mortgage Holders Rather Than the Financiers Who Caused This Crisis. Bush is Declaring the Problems Require not Regulation but More De-Regulation. American Citizens are in Shock and Don't Know How to Respond. The Pirate Gremlins are Finishing Off the Republic Before They Leave Office. Will Obama Use His Mandate to Halt this Act of Treasonous Subversion Before It's Too Late?

11/16/08 - Bailout or Credit Hindenburg?

[The content of money is debt.] - Hakim Bey

Why do they want to give us more credit so we can do more of what got us in this trouble, when what we need is sustainably produced sustenance of food, housing and energy? The financial world is a bubble of hypothetical wealth that has grown exponentially by increasing the ratio of gaming bets to the existence of reality assets. This is the bubble that just burst. But instead of trying to fund and direct the real wealth of life support resources, our "Illuminati" want to create a bigger bubble of vapid debt obligation in it's place.

Are these "people" insane or just totally evil?

Who is going to borrow money if they don't have confidence in future income? Where is there a "lack of credit for consumers" that they talk about? I still get 2.99% credit card offers in the mail, mortgage interest is around 6% and the internet swarms with "credit solving" offers. Maybe Mr. Paulson could do us all a real favor and return to us his recent $500 Million golden parachute from Goldman Sachs instead of gaming the system for another $500 million while he's supposed to be a public servant?

Why do we need more credit? Or is the question really... why do "they" want to ram down our throats more debt? Are they attempting to bankrupt the US? Are they attempting the greatest monetary ROBBERY in the history of the world? Where will they hide after they pull this off?

Is this "their" Shock Doctrine Recipe at its most poisonous?


10/30/08 - The "Bailout" is a reset button on their dystopic illusion/casino/slave/war/fear-state system so they can reboot the cheap credit/debt spiral for one last orbit around "Planet Hollywood"... and we are paying for it.

10/18/08 - Anyone not convinced that the now $Trillion+ Bailout is Shock Therapy Preparing Us for Fascism should here this interview on DemocracyNow with Ex-Asst. Treasury Sec. Paul Craig Roberts on Wall St. Bailout: “Has Deregulation Sired Fascism?” The Wizard of Oz Club first gave us the laughable Good Ol' Boy Bozo head icon to stupify us while they stole our Republic, Now they have put up a convoluted scam no one can figure out, including them (which is how the pyramid scheme works) with "The Scream" as it's shock therapy facade, and have pulled off the biggest in your face Heist in world history. Remember, it was Paulson while at Goldman Sachs that "convinced the Securities and Exchange Commission to remove all capital requirements for investment banks, and thus they were able to drive up their profits by amazing leverage." Apparently, consumer culture has produced the stupified patient, the domesticated human wageslave unit that will virtually sit stock still for anything the master dishes out on his poverty plate? And if you take the wageslave's blinders off, be goes bezerk and attempts to pummel anyone windowing the truth?

7/19/08 - The US Gov't long term liability debt of $53 trillion represents a debt of $455,000 for each US household? ("Concern grows over a fiscal crisis for U.S.", SF Chronicle 7/17/08)

In the above article written by a Chronicle Washington Bureau writer, the attack point is once again the crash test dummy of the corporate monoparty...our failsafe retirement fund of Social Security and Medicare. $53 trillion is an absurd projection into the future and guess who the Chronicle (via Bush's GAO report) has targeted as the guilty culprit? SS for $6.7 trillion and Medicare for $34.1, leaving only $12.2 trillion of unspecified (?) sources.

When I first started reading this terrifying article I was shocked to speechlessness by the quantities...$53 trillion? But then I was questioning the amounts...these numbers are fairyland stuff. The estimated net worth of all American families is about $47 trillion. The current US deficit of $9 trillion is caused by interest from borrowing and not having a balanced budget. The SS and Medicare payroll intake each year is illegally used by the elites ocupying our government to pay for their cowardice to adequately tax the wealthy for which they then borrow money to pay for what has already been paid for. The interest for this illegal heist of payroll funds is then tacked onto the federal budget. As best as I can tell (ever try to google a simple pie chart of US income tax revenue expenditures?... good luck!) we spend about 20% of our income tax revenues on interest on debt.

Looks like this article is just some more fear mongering by corporate media.

I am possible for these folks to produce meaningful information for the bottom 95% of the population? Something that doesn't try and trick us into knee-jerk economic suicide?


Interesting Statistics: the top one percent of American income producing households (those with more than 334,000/year) have 19 trillion dollars of wealth. The US Debt is 9 trillion dollars.