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7/16/06 - the Commons   The latest fashion craze, social fascism, is an experiment being foisted off on our culture by the authoritarian sect of our society. Check out this "flyer" handed out on a recent summer beach weekend at Santa Cruz. Around 4,000 were placed on the windshields of visiting autos near the boardwalk warning them about the "new rules" of behavior for citizens in Amerika. The darkside empire version of America that appears in this flyer states:

- "Avoid" coming to the downtown area without "intent to purchase from merchants" but if you do "make your purchase and leave quickly".

- "You may be subject to citation or arrest" for any of the following activities (these below are the most absurd):


"siting on the sidewalk"

"street performance"

"skating or use of skate devices"

"loud or unruly noises"

"possession of animals"

"chalking or marking the sidewalk"

"blowing bubbles"

"flying disks, balls, or hacky sacks"

Brothers and sisters when blowing bubbles, throwing a frisbees and street performance is illegal is when fun is illegal. The only fun the authoritarian consumer culture considers valid is the flow of money. These people are sick. This society is sick. When as liberal a village as Santa Cruz decides to take action within the public commons to stop all spontaneous non-commercial fun, just so uptight authoritarian business people can "feel" like they have control, is when we have to question the viability of our society. This is control freak fascism. These people need to take a hard look in the mirror and decide just where do they think all of this creative repressiveness is leading our civilization as a whole?

Too many people, too few jobs, too little pay, too much time spent serving the demands of the workplace, a gov't that only serves the needs of the donor classes (keep profits rollin') and feeds the rest of us empty platitudes and a toxified environment, all add up to a super alienated citizenry.

The 95% of us who have been disenfranchised from the American delusion have been given two choices. You can continue to believe in the delusion (sold in it's original packaging as the "American Dream") and Pray & Pay to the TV Obedience Desire Machine and hope that you win the Lotto de Sade and become an asshole just like them, or you can drop out all together and try to live your life as best you can, trying to have as much fun as possible on a dime.

Well the folks who have chosen the latter end up having fun, or at least trying to, in simple pleasures in public, but apparently greedaholics just can't handle people having fun. Especially when they are doing it for free.

So they think by pulling the nuclear option (desertification of earth, life, humanity or the public commons or anything that interferes with commerce) they can bring their business "back". They are using force to stay in denial about the need for their business models to change to a de-consumerized state of existence where humanity, non-toxicity, basic needs devoid of resource destruction through consumerism, and basically fun is more important than things. If we can't survive/make livings through the art of life, we have truly lost our way.

Time to be creative and find a new way. Eutopia is possible if each of us change our own behavior instead of expecting someone else to do it

6/24/06 - South Central Farm   Ooops! I wrote another letter. This time to the mayor of LA to try and persuade him to "do the right thing" and save this urban agricultural movement and relocalize resources.