BlueJayWayBlog - Green New Deal and a 350ppm Plan

6/17/09 - A list of objectives that can get us to 350ppm by 2030?

1) Sign and implement the Earth Charter restoring sustainable localized economies world-wide while removing corporate hegemony.

2) Free Residential Rooftop Solar with excess energy stored as hydrogen in tanks for off-sun hours usage.

3) Massive High Speed Electric Rail and Free Electric local transport systems and a phased in grounding of all polluting air travel.

4) The ban of all toxic outputs by 95% from all sources on phased-in non-negotiable timetables.

5) Ban the use of personal automobiles and replace this function with pools of shared neighborhood electric vehicles.

6) Abolish Corporate Personhood Rights while establishing the following Vote Reform:

- Verifiable Vote. Elections results will be allowed to take weeks to accurately count, but they must be verifiable.

- IRV (Instant Runoff Voting)

- Publicly financed elections w/ max citizen contributions of $100 per campaign per candidate per year.

- Ban all PACS, corporate, business or organizations financial contributions. All lobbying must be done in formal, open public forums. Behind doors or casual meetings with any form of lobbying will be an impeachable offense.

- Public Airwaves like radio, tv, and the internet will become 50% nationalized for citizen non-profit public use. The remaining 50% will be auctioned off on a profitable leasing system to business interests. The revenues obtained will fund the public 50%.

- All election advertising and campaigning will be done via the above media. Public Funding will, at minimum, cover the 5 top vote-getting parties (as determined by a yearly platform polling election process placed before the people on the above mentioned media).

- Each elected official will have a website that monthly informs and surveys constituents on important issues of the day, and maintains a list of all activities in office pertinent to legislation and constituent interest. Representatives must publish their platforms with concrete objectives listed and account for how well these objectives are moving along. Constituents will also be able to contact their representative through these sites.

- All election days will be holidays.

7) Due to the above needs for more intense public participation in their local areas, neighborhoods and their democracy, and the need for more employment opportunities all full-time jobs will be limited to 20 hours a week. People may work more than that for themselves but paid labor will have this restriction.

8) Universal world-wide single payer health care and education through college for all.

9) A tax will be charged to all couples birthing more than 2 children so as to put a healthy incentive to produce an attritive population decline to eventually hit the sustainable quantity of 1.5 billion people.

10/13/08 - One Good Idea for a Transition from Economic Collapse to an Ecologically Sustainable Economy - A Green New Deal. Also Let's Not Forget the Earth Charter which has been "laying around" for a long time and would be a genuine solution.