BlueJayWayBlog - Immigration

6/11/06 - The truth is that immigrants have been allowed to stay so that the employers have access to cheap labor and thereby undercut labor wages for everyone. Policies like NAFTA and CAFTA engineer poorer countries to serve the profit objectives of transnational corporations by extracting natural and human resources for pennies on the dollar. All the while disabling the indigenous self-sufficient economies to become dependent upon the new "host" economy. The consequent jobless citizens come here for work or to avoid authoritarian puppet governments that the US supports.

The truth is that all borders should be open for travel anywhere and that if we signed on to the Earth Charter and implement policies of regional economic self-sufficiency (the basic needs of life are provided by local resources and systems) then they would not be fleeing their home countries.

If our government policy makers really wanted to prevent illegal immigrants from working here they would require all workers hired to have confirmed SS#s before starting work. The truth is these folks pay their taxes and then never get any refunds, nor do they ever get access to their SS payments. So the big hullabaloo about illegal immigrants not paying taxes is a lie.

Angry American workers can rightly claim their jobs are stolen but don't notice that same the politicians stoking their anger are the same politicians that have never implement simple solutions like the SS# solution above. These angry voices are then used to keep immigrant labor evermore fearful and subservient while keeping them working. I defy anyone to figure a way that the SS# wouldn't work! This is not brain surgery!

Deportation of 12 or even 2 million immigrants is completely absurd and undoable. Many have been here for 30 years working right along with nary a peep out of anyone. Until now. Bush$Co are in deep doodoo in Iraq and Afghanistan and phoney contracts with corporate pirates and they need a diversion and scapegoat. Oh the lowly immigrant who has no rights to protect themselves is the perfect whipping boy. And we can even get more of them for our workslavery at cheaper rates!! What a bonanza!

So the Red&Blue Party offers up detention centers (sound nazi familiar?), felony sentences (lives ruined, lost voting ability), and temporary worker permits so they can keep the cheap labor even cheaper. This will further undercut citizen labor standards with guaranteed yearly increases in cheap labor for greedy employers. This really amounts to a permanent slave labor class. And the temporary worker permits are not isolated to blue collar labor but also tech workers.

Wake-up folks they are duping and screwing you again. Just imagine, your kids can spend $100,000 getting a college degree, then spend the rest of their lives at Frankenbucks, while the good jobs they trained for are outsourced or imported by Bush$Co for 20 cents on the dollar.

Solution: Adopt the Earth Charter. Withdraw from NAFTA, CAFTA, etc. Give all existing immigrants a path to citizenship and temporary SS#s till citizenship is complete. People without SS#s cannot work. Adopt living wage regulations by regional criteria worldwide. No border walls, no fences. After all of this is implemented have open borders.

These things are doable but you won't hear them spoken because they do not serve the authoritarian profit mechanisms of the politicians and the Rich Boy's Club they serve. We are 98% of the US voters (individuals making less that $150,000/year) and can exert our will to make these things happen. It's up to you.