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11/19/07 - Citizen's Arrest of Bush & Cheney.
Isn't it interesting that Barry Bonds is being arrested for "lying" about an unproven personal indiscretion with steroids, affecting only himself, while Bush, Cheney, Rice, Gonzales, and other gov't reps etal, have lied an uncountable number of times about: the reasons for the Middle East Wars and the resultant killing of over 800,000 innocent citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan; the environment; Constitutional rights; election fraud; torture; spying on US citizens; corporate subsidies; military profiteering, kidnapping of citizens, habeas corpus; scientific research; the defunding of government and unfair taxation of the middle and lower classes; equal enforcement and protection under the law; human rights violations here and abroad; and on; and on; and on;...? Why are petty indescretions relentlessly pursued while killing, corruption, theft of tax revenues, spying, lying about environmental problems, to name a few, go unpunished? Why does the public accept the impeachment of Clinton for having consentual sex while Bush is responsible for the illegal deaths of upwards of a million people but gets to freely walk around with a smug smile on his face? If the elite's won't punish one of their own wrecking crew, how about a Citizen's Arrest of Bush & Cheney?