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7/11/08 - A Proposal for "Flash Freeze Protests"

A variant of the Flash Mobs of a few years back and the current "FREEZE IN GRAND CENTRAL" by Code Pink NYC, this would be a spontaneous "freeze" protest nationwide at a given time. Unlike the freeze at the train station, and flash mobs there is no need for gathering in one place. One merely freezes with sign or art of their making for 5 minutes at say 6:15 pm wherever they are, at that time on the clock. They just have to be in public and know the time and act. Send out email for a web posting of a known reliable publication point like Code Pink or other group at least 3 weeks in advance so word spreads, even others not participating may know. And let people be creative. DIY atomic protests. Low cost, no resources or time commitments necessary. Just do it!


7/28/07 - The Orange Revolution
(USA version) has begun!

If you haven't noticed lately there's a plethora of groups actively working and inspiring others to join a people's revolution to retake democracy. Impeachment is the first step. Dennis Kucinich's H.R. 333 articles of impeachment of Cheney is available for use and only lacks a couple more sponsors to be enacted. This Administration is the Neo-Fascist Titanic ready to sink. We just need a little help from fellow citizens to push it over the edge. Demand impeachment, everyday, until it happens. Protest Daily! John Conyers will proceed with impeachment if 3 more congressional co-signers will sponsor the bill. Demand Impeachment Now!

(11-24-07 Update... Conyers lied! No Impeachment hearings to date... and there are 21+ co-signers. This fact more or less proves the point that elite politicians, no matter who they are, are absorbed by the current adolescent civilization's default structure of lying. Any communication other than lying and con jobs is just completely ignored. The greatest trickster and most cunning manipulator is supposed "do his thing" and then be the "hero" of the day for the represented common citizen. The personality. The authority figure who "delivers" the goods. When will humanity get wise to the dysfunctionality of this behavior? This web of trickery creates a field of illusion for the "hero" to manifest his magic. No one in the audience can penetrate and understand this web of trickery and therefore is so glad the hero will do it for them. This web of lying creates a field of confusionism that becomes an impenetrable boundary excluding the earnest hard working citizen from believing he can do anything. To step into the fray oneself, is to become a liar as well and to assume the role of the hero asshole he has such disgust for. If we force the truth (the best available information assiduously sought after) to be the new default structure (adult civilization) their web of illusion evaporates and the "emperor will" truly "have no clothes".



Is it Revolution Yet?

As time moves along, and the neo-liberal-fascist abomination makes war on Life itself, a budding renaissance of documentation, art, commentary and analysis is sprouting up in our earthian society to fill the void of illusion that has kept the working classes duped and complicit for so many centuries.

Our complicity has been engineered by a very carefully crafted manipulation of the basic instinct mechanisms of human beings. There is no conspiracy as such, but more a gang of "adolescent-state" thugs with lots of control (ruling officials, tailoring law), power (money), and engines of propaganda to hide the truth (corporate media). The entirety of this operation is cloaked by the commodity spectacle paradigm. (read "Society of the Spectacle" online) which has saturated our lives and is kept alive via the peer pressure of remaining socially acceptable and "popular". If one does not accept this paradigm of illusionary instant gratification through non-sustainable resources consumption, they are marginalized so that these perceptions never alter the socio-path of the Monster Profit Abomination. You wouldn't want to be left out, now would you?... Come On Down!... Sell your soul!... Think of all the friends you'll have joining you! ... Thanks but no thanks. I do not believe that Universe would utilize countless billions of years of brilliant design evolution to customize a one-time-teensy-pirouette into a fiery abyss of specie's suicide. This is the post-modern view foisted off on us plebs - "everything is chaos, confusion...and humans are just such emotional and unpredictable never know what wonders they (we?) will create....but lord knows it'll be entertaining... so just sit back, stick your head in a bucket of sugar, and go along for the happy ride!...all is illusion anyway, so why fuss?"

Our primal origins, up until the current adolescent (paternal/authoritarian) civilization, were "child-state" egalitarian tribes. We were "innocent" sharing peoples that knew that survival depended upon interpersonal sharing and ecosystem maintenance. We truly were able to sit back and enjoy the ride on Spaceship Earth. Gather enough food and water for the day, make camp life functional, maintain the maintainable resources nearby, take care of what was needed to be taken care of (4-5 hours a day) and do what you want the rest of the time. Just think, air, water, food, raw materials, sleep, sex, parties, dreams, philosophizing, functional arts and crafts, challenges with nature, plenty of exercise out in beautiful, pristine nature - all free! No debts or enforced work that lock up your life. Not bad.

Then comes the "adolescent-state" civilization. Over-population, powerful tools and technology in the hands of a few individuals performing "leadership" functions, once held under the scrutiny of peers, finds that they can trick the naive egalitarians ("children") into doing their work for them while they acquire wealth to buy anything they need. Not only will they do the tyrant's work (laborers), but they will make the tyrant powerful tools and sugary illusion machines (science, arts, engineering and all intellectual workers), perform as personal slaves (servants, "service economy"), but they will also create modes of self induced behavioral slavery (religion, psychology) to make sure they obey the tyrants "rules" and his false hierarchies.

So here we sit, an entire planet ruled by a bunch of "old white guys", stuck in 15-year-old's, sweaty, "Lord of the Flies", Gollumy Dick-Mind-State bodies, solely because the "children" haven't said no to his request for "sex" on demand.

Is it revolution yet?

Now enters the "adult" civilization of paragraph one above. This "adult" looks around taking in all the pertinent facts and knows that life on earth can only proceed forward if all fellow humans have an egalitarian opportunity for a satisfying life on earth. This requires a sustainable population in balance with the resource capacities of earth while maintaining zero toxicity to our ecosystems. This excludes all the modalities of the "adolescent" petty tyrant civilization - wars, work-slavery, toxic industries, vertical hierarchies, class and racial bias, control of others, and most of all illusions and lying. (Illusions are a play-state to have fun in and do research. The adult realizes this and unplugs the Illusion Machine and puts it on the shelf for conscious use at a convenient later time solely for tool development, research or fun.) The adult does not use illusions and lying to sublimate others because they too are adults and will see through such a ruse (the adolescent "trick or treat"). The adult is no longer the naive child that obeys the sweaty-15-year-old's call for "sex on demand" (instant gratification through your complicity). The adult has been through that stage and has seen the horrors it has wrecked upon fellow humans and our beautiful earth (like now!) and wants no more of it. And knowing that all principles must be applied universally or they are not principles at all; all things apply to all people, including oneself.

Adults live by the principles of universality and act through intellect and mind. Children live by naively navigating the environment they are raised in, and act through instinct and emotion. Adolescents act in the nether world between these two states. They are smart enough to know about the principles, but as long as there are no adults around to direct their attention or model behavior that will manifest their growth into adulthood, they wallow in any self gratifying activity which they are allowed to maintain. Adolescents live by their wits and act through instinct, emotion and brain power. No adults around, they do whatever they think they can get away that feels good and since there have never been any adults around in the past, they don't know any better and hence don't do any better.

Sound familiar? Look around at our fathers, our employers, our leaders, our priests, our psychologists, our politicians and ruling counsels, our neighbors. How many times do they tell you half truths just to keep things the way they are, or because being honest and truthful is considered impolite? Genuine adults don't tell half truths. They assemble the best available information (making sure they obtain this before proceeding) and then have open discussions about every aspect of the topic at hand. No secrets are required where there is no need to deceive, trick or delude. Half truths provide dysfunctional solutions - one half fact, one half illusion. Sound familiar? The products of the adolescent are always dysfunctional because they ignore any principles of universality and are always a quick fix for the pursuit of personal profit. And as long as the adolescent tyrant can dupe us into going along with it, we're all stuck in this post-modern nightmare. Sound familiar?

Is it revolution yet?


12/4/06 - More Manifest Destiny

Thanks to Hugo Chavez' promotion of Chomsky I just read Chomsky's recent book Hegemony or Survival. As "radical" as I thought some of my generation's late 60's and early 70's history classes seemed to be, this for sure, is the update needed to connect the dots. I could never quite figure out why the Red & Blue politicians always had the same story about every war I've lived through (since Vietnam). The "red-hawks" would always say we didn't bomb them enough and the "blue-doves" would say oops, made a mistake but we better cover our losses... The hawks would always wane sanctimonious about their "noble cause" and the "doves" would always rationalize the entire affair, leaving the outside observer, except all the dead, maimed or injured, to scratch their head. The question is... how is it possible for "doves" to ever rationalize a war being initiated by the "dove"?

Well, Hegemony or Survival is revealing look at American history that has been kept out of the textbooks. Other than the Revolutionary War for independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that defined the separation with King George I, the agenda of ruling elites, of any and every country, nation or group, remains unchanged since the beginning of "civilization" - rule by power, of force and for control of resources in the pursuit of self interest. And the US is apparently no different, even though we are led to believe so by our understandably idealistic exposure to the democratic foundations of our society. We, just like the rest, were and are, just another neighborhood gang of thugs bullying our way to profit, power and control for the benefit the top 2% of the population (currently those individuals making >$200K a year).

The litany of our empire building is lengthy, continuous and without error, wars of conquest. Coated on the outside with pearly words of exalted authoritarian audacity, hiding behind such pitiful boasts as "spreading democracy". Most of the "conquered" were democracies which had become too independently democratic and threatened "our" foriegn investments or were authoritarian states that had become less than compliant with our foriegn investment "priorities".

The list of intervened states is very impressive indeed. First off, of course, are all the original Indigenous Tribal Peoples of the US who we lied to, stole all their land, destroyed their cultures and mostly killed, as they refused to comprehend and or submit to the white people's work slavery authoritarianism. Between driving the French out of the Louisiana Territory as payback for their life saving assistance during the Revolutionary War and the current forays in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is a long list and evryone of them has profit pursuit/political control is the leading reason. There's no ambiguity, or confusion. We've been duped. None of my high history classes listed all the "corporate colonies" that we masterminded, interloped, couped or invaded and conquered. The story we were given was how we "helped" another state or a country which we interacted with, for their own benefit of course, and "stabilized" their future. They never mentioned that "their future" was stabilized for the profits of American business interests. All documented by US policy statements and speeches by US presidents, and politicians, plain as day, clear as burning oil pit. These documented statements by "our leaders" leave no punches pulled, or question raised. Self advancement of the petty gang of thieves called American business interests was and is the clarion call of Empire America.

Most importantly the book points out how the US fails to apply the rule of "universality" to political decisions. What morality, ethics or principles of activity apply to the US or to intervened states is always different depending upon US perceived desires. This point has plagued me since a little kid. It's ok for "us" to have weapon X but the "guy across the street" can't? This is not the rule of universality. If we don't want nukes to proliferate, we sign a nuke proliferation treaty with strict universally applied inspections and penalties for illegal behavior.

Peoples History of the US - Howard Zinn

On page 3 of this book there is the following very enlightening quote from Columbus' report to the the Spanish King and Queen on his first expedition to America...

"The Indians, Columbus reported, 'are so naive and so free with their possessions that no one who has not witnessed them would believe it. When you ask for something they have, they never say no. To the contrary, they offer to share with anyone...' He concluded his report by asking for a little help from their majesties, in return he would bring them from his next voyage 'as much gold as they needed ... and as many slaves as they ask.' He was full of religious talk: "Thus the eternal God, our Lord, gives victory to those who follow His way over apparent impossibilities."

This quote is an architypal example of the default depravity of contemporary civilization. Taking advantage of innocents, theft, illegal imprisonment and slavery, racial and cultural genocide, murder, torture, lying, rationalized warlike behavior, non-application of the universality of Christian morality. The behaviors openly described above are essentially the same as we have for our campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Only these days the greedy abomination is papered over with empty platitudes that are swallowed whole by a gullible public.


10/5/06 - Manifest Destiny

Chavez promotes Chomsky in his UN Speech and notice US media universally condemns his speech as "over-the-top", "crazy" when he calls Bush the devil. Murder, terror, torture, lies, surveillance, revocation of habeas corpus, subsidized corporate profiteering, invasions, covert political and military engineering of foriegn governments, immigrant workslavery and barbed wire walls. All of these Chomsky identified "specialties" (and more) have become the norm in recent years. And reporters can't see the reasoning behind Chavez's statements? Right. Has rationality become an anomaly within the United States of America? Our historic interference in foreign governments to promote corporate profits has got to stop. This 19th Century empire building is alienating every country on the planet and producing dysfunctional economic conditions worldwide. Wake Up America! Treat our neighbors of the world with dignity and respect and we will reap the free rewards that friends share among one another. Ecotpia is only a will of mind away. No secession needed either.