BlueJayWayBlog - Postmodernism

The best description of the intellectual disease that currently has earth's citizens on brain-lock mode, postmodernism, comes from John Zerzan. Postmodernism is our current fashion statement thinking that says "anything goes because everything is confusing; and there are always two sides to every issue; and the pendulum will swing back; and it's just rediculous that anybody thinks they know the answers to any problems", etc., etc. Postmodern thinking allows us to rationalize anything. And now, with the Bush Administration's Apocalypse of Hypocrisy, we can see this anti-matter device running 24/7/365. Rationality, common sense and any form of morality is turned on it's head and spins like a flywheel. Every gallon of gas you buy feeds your master's oil empire and the crushing veil of lies and secrecy that are swamping your constitutional rights and keep you an imprisoned servant of corporate profits.

The current corporate consumer PM think wants you to believe in nothing. That way those in control can't be criticized for their solutions, since there are none. There's an illusion of everyone's concerns being addressed and the outcome is just a result of all that plethora of input. Everyone is perpetually dissatisfied because "that's the way things are". The endless compromise is like mixing too many colors of paint until all you have is gray muck. Problems require the best possible solutions, not the illusion of all possible solutions.

Postmodern thinking proposes problems within artificially limited sets of solutions. Pick any current problem facing humans living on earth. The solutions are always obvious but the existing elites refuse to implement the required changes or say "it can't be done". Like the electric cars GM (EV-1) pulled off the road and Ford discontinued (Think Car). The solution, which of course postmodern thinking would tell us "won't happen", is for the democratic constituency to take control of the levers of power by electing officials and representatives (anyone other than the Red&Blue party) that will appropriately redirect tax revenues into programs implementing solutions.Like an electric car factory! We make bombs, spacecraft, ships, subs, libraries, schools, hospitals, research facilities; subsidize wealth, gasoline, tobacco...why not build cars that Detroit refuses to do for selfish reasons? "Oh, this can't be done!"????

6/19/06 - "Experts"   Tuesday's Chronicle had an article on Stephen Hawking's latest musings on the future of our planet and made some rather distressing proposals. He thinks that we should begin planning an exit strategy from Planet Earth. That we will likely destroy ourselves in any one of a number of possible ways and should develop technological capability of building colonies on the moon (in 20 years) and Mars (in 40 years) or blast off into space or something like that. And in 100 years these colonies could survive without earth.

I have a lot of respect for the achievements of this gentleman but think that the survival of his disabilities has led him to make conclusions that are in sync with his artificial life support. Earth has been working on her Earthian human creation now for millions of years. Earthians need to change their habits rather than serving their technology toys. Our destiny is to preserve this earth and create eutopia on Spaceship Earth. The Moon and Mars are going to stay dead planetary bodies because they are not positioned properly in the solar system for the presence of our biological life forms. Get a clue, get a plan!

I wish that Mr. Hawking would spend the rest of his computational time in finding ways to tame our consumer culture from bringing on self-obliteration. This is the only possible solution to our problem. It may be nice that we here on Earth can provide him with the technology and support systems to keep him alive, but please, we prefer our home world, thank you. Real Life. On sweet Earth!