BlueJayWayBlog - Shock & Awe Campaign on Humanity

8/15/08 - Is the Georgia vs Russia conflict readymade by the neocons (check out the McCain - Georgia connection) and was nuclear Iran just a diversion (or the cherry on top) to provide cover for a Shock&Awe Saturation Bombing of Worldwide Fear & Loathing in America just before the election? McCain is too old and senile and militarist to be elected but if the American public becomes 'fraidycat enough to hide under the skirts of a Fearless Leader for some more oil, there's always the Dirty Old Man to protect them. The DNC and RNC could be manipulated by provacatuers (see this twisted poison plot and how it may fit into this report from Denver) to scapegoat peaceful protestors attacked and jailed for no reason like at the 2004 RNC, pumping up fear of anyone trying to exercise their First Amendment rights. Meanwhile Ron Suskind's "The Way of The World" makes devastating evidence against the entire Whitehouse for fabricating justification for the Iraq invasion with the Iraqi head of intelligence (silencing him with $5 million) and Conyers begins an investigation. Is Obama's new militarism trying to play into the entire scenario from a fake lefty position within the Red&Blue Corporate MonoParty's bid to sucker America into a New World Police State (also see Goo Guns, Microwave Heat Rays and Sonic Ray Guns that our taxes have paid for) required by the total destruction caused by their joint policies since the Reagan era? Will the bottom 95% of America wake up to the fact we are nothing more than duped workslaves for America Corp, before it's too late, or is it just a matter of time before we see trucks full of pods rolling down the street come to a door near you?

4/27/08 - Has the Red&Blue Corp's Economic Shock Therapy sent the world into a vortex of capitalist implosion and are the World's Economic Elites planning to cope by creating a dystopic worldwide police state, and is the entire Middle East a proving ground this New World Order?

Worldwide food riots. US Gasoline prices to be $7 a gallon by 2012. Arctic sea ice gone by 2013. US economic freefall caused by Red&Blue Corporate Party feeding frenzy of empire oil wars and military spending.

The Chicago Boy's favorite meathead nitwit has gotten away with the biggest heist/Arnageddon strange attractor creation ever pulled off, and the entire planet is being pulled into a vacuum of capitalist system collapse (see Adbusters #77, "Capitalism 3.0").

The question is, can working class people rise up and invent their own economic system of non-toxic sustainability and egalitarian self organization, to save the day and our planet from self-obliteration? Or will the Corporate Elite Party use their urban warfare and anti-terror technology test in the Middle East and bring it home to install protest obliteration as a standard feature of the new age police state?

How much have the above scenarios been predicted in white papers by the capitalist brain trusts? Is the inevitable drive to Armageddon just a screen for the inevitable need to create a global police state to protect the top .1% of the world's population from the results of capitalism's complete mismanagement of human evolution? But the real question is will the world's population wake up to the Great Duping Voodoo of the company store's media propaganda state in time?

9/15/06 - Shock&Awe Campaign Exposed

Mother Jones just published a huge 8 page spread documenting the litany of lies that lead to the war in Iraq. This timeline is so excellent and comprehensive it could be used as an outline for the prosecution of Bush's impeachment.

The Hightower Lowdown just published two posters. One on the Bush Economy: "Are You Better Off Yet?" and one on the Bushy Terror Incorporated: "Are You Safe Yet". They are both excellent items to tow around to your friends to justify action.

Duped, Doped & Dumped

Why are American citizens not speaking up against this abomination? How much more fascism are they willing to accept? I can just hear the NeoCons reeling in their barco loungers with astonishment and delight... "keep turning the heat up guys, they're just about done!"

Duped by the Red&Blue Corporate Media Conglomerate, doped by the continually downsized workplace and upsized family commitments to consumption and toxicity. Then dumped into the used parts bin after you've overstayed your welcome in the Illusion Machine's glutinous demand for young, cheap and naive (anyone not meeting this age neutral compliant mode need not apply).

William Wilson, art critic for the LA Times, once wrote that's not the atomic bomb people are scared of, it's the boss. The heirarchical "service" "units" that run our authoritarian workplaces are the one's in control of our country and our economy. They've placed the population in a state of loathing and anxiety, constantly in fear of loosing their job, their paycheck, that funds their family's lives. To maintain access to that paycheck in a continually downsizing environment, we sit idly by, fearful of speaking out, and risk becoming socially outcast, or a workplace "troublemaker" headed for the firing line. The boss claims downsizing is a "global economy" problem, but is actually engineered by "him" for the very purpose of eliminating labor costs. (The most rudementary research into the profit of any business enterprise reveals that all profit is made from the low cost of human labor and the legislated no cost of natural resources.) The resulting increased profits (documentation of this "good economy" is everywhere) is fueled by your lowered wages. And the more they can do this the less leverage, the less freedom you have to resist, protest or start your own businesses. This all "boils" down to control. Global control via our complicity. Speak out, act up or get dumped!

How can we get out of this mess? Protest Daily! Vote Green or Anti-War Candidates only. Legislate the elimination of corporate personhood. Design a Voter System Overhaul. Install Instant Runoff Voting and Proportional Representation. Un-gerrymander. Democratize the workplace with revised mandatory employment and profit sharng laws. Stop Buying Anything Corporate. Buy Local, Non-Toxic. Rebuild the IRS to collect taxes from the top .5% and re-establish appropriate taxation for all income brackets. Repeal all legislation that has circumvented our Constitution. Impeach and jail Bush, Chaney and every adminstration crony connected to torture, war-profiteering, lying or cover-ups.

Park your car on the lawn of the White House and ride a bike. Don't forget to cancel your insurance policy! And pass legislation forcing utilities to buy your excess solar energy so each of us can be a power plant for one another.

Is it Revolution Time yet?



7/14/06 - Shock&Awe Campaign on Humanity  

Is there any limit to the Bushy NeoCon Blitzkrieg on Peace & Love on Planet Earth? This typhoon of management and corporate stupidity is a non-stop gale force head wind that is nearly impossible to withstand. Medieval Inquisitional tribunals with torture ala mode puree our democratic souls. Illegal corpo-empiric armies of duped heroes spewing radioactive suck oil into daddy's oldsmobile just in time to beat the cubicle clock of socio-political compliance. Lies laced media broadcasts twist reality into an infinity pretzel of bombastic cynicism ready roasting the citizenry into a nausea of fear and greed. Spicing scapegoat immigrant meat with great walls, prisons, and felonious bosses pleases ChoicePoint couch potato BushButt and stirs the frustrated white trash canhead into thinking he can rule the world with his ass in the air. Wealthy agenda think tanks bank on the blind eyed blink and a hefty nod from PBS/CBS, while they document terror tyrants from Bethlehem bombing neighbor babies culled from desert oil heresies, hoping rockets from above will tear our world into a caldron indiscriminate war, fusing paradise into a whirlwind of Gazaian despair. Boiling oil and whales and ducky marshes just so some fool can buy a stump and hump a dump, till he's sure he's the boss of toxic tropic ice melt tubers that vault offshore oil into endless cement bins providing reasons to drill your head. Steal votes. Steal lives. Stealing reality from the hands of the real. They leave us clueless to know the reasons why anyone would so viciously cleave to a self destruction so painfully idiotic and total.

We must be the strange attractor in this theory of chaos and boil their booties into oblivion before we all are just crispy critters for King George the Third's Parade on Mars.

All hail buzzbutts, it's time to get off yours while you still have one. Unplug yourself, unplug someone else, unplug them. Eco-focus, refocus un-consumer yourself, and rebuild this civilization from the light of a living life. Let the spectacle fade out like the tired hoodoo that it is. Don't serve the abstract abomination of representations that rule this world. Earth is not the world and is recoverable, only the technology that serves as tools can be kept 'cause you ain't goin' to serve no abstract system anymore. Make it serve you. Tame the monster.

(Bikes, friends, sex, non-toxic food and water, clothing, tools, music, art, film, crafts, books, trains, nature, parties, games, exercise, sleep, dreams, and maintenance systems for the public commons, is all we need. Everything else is bullshit to feed rich people their luxury funded by your consumer culture workslavery.)