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7/19/08 - A look back - The 2006 Camejo Tax Plan Balances the State Budget with a Surplus and Gives the Bottom 60% a Tax Break! This could be applied to our current deficit crisis, but is just too much common sense for the elites to allow see the light of day. Is there any other explanation possible?


6/24/06 - Taxes & Phil Angelides   Suggestion for Mr. Angelides' run for Governor of California: please take a look at the work of award winning reporters Paul Krugman and David Cay Johnston of the New York Times for their documentation of the 30+ year destruction of our tax system by The Red&Blue Party. There is enough hard data in their works that when combined with California data can build a watertight case for the reallocation of tax burden from the bottom 99.5% of taxpayers to corporations and the top .5% of yearly income earners. This is a documentable reality that must be presented to the voters of California during your run for office. If this is not done by you and your campaign, then it is clear that you are a facilitating partner in the escalating tax scam benefiting the donor classes that fund you. You have the time, the place and the money to present this information and reclaim our democracy from Arnold and the Rich Boy's Club. Please, do the right thing.



I've written my three national representatives to request personal meetings with them so that I could hear them explain the tax rip-off described in "Perfectly Legal" and have received no reply. This book describes in excruciating detail how the Red&Blue Party, over the last 40 years, has defunded our government and diverted our taxes into the pockets of the wealthy. It estimates that the top .1% of income earners are cheating us out of about $200 billion in tax revenues each year, in uncollected, loophole enabled or subsidized tax cheats. And what are they doing with all of this money? Lobbying Congress for more tax subsidies, spewing media propaganda to keep you confused, and driving your wages into the floor, all the while creating global poverty to pump up their profits.

Here is an excerpt that describes the propaganda strategies of Red&Blue Party cohorts like Schwarzenegger to convince you into voting for their anti-tax theories:

Son-of-a-Bush! Schwarzenegger is clearly, just another rich guy, representing the interests of other rich guys who want to become part of the growing super-rich, elite class, of newly-crowned American corporate work-state employers. Made by the rich, for the rich and of the rich; and for you to serve them. They have seduced the average voter, through a confusionist agenda, to vote rich idiots into controlling positions of power over the lives of we, the hard-working American citizens. They promote the implementation of laws and policies that strip away the social and legal benefits of our democratic society, so that employers have economic control over employees, and thereby access to unlimited profit making.

They pay as little taxes as possible themselves and make the middle and lower classes foot the bill. Consequently when the middle and lower classes are asked to pay more taxes the "Arnolds" go to you and say "You don't want to pay more taxes now, do you? Let's cut taxes!" Then they cut taxes and WE loose jobs, WE loose services that are cut, and WE start complaining about how bad government is. Then "the Arnolds" come back to you again and say "See, government can't provide services because they are wasting 'our' money! Let's cut more taxes!" While they pay less taxes! (They claim that the extra money they save will be used to provide more jobs. Well, those jobs did exist before, but were cut to give the rich more money! They are *scamming us!!!)

And so the downward spiral cycles through once again, and they do the same thing over and over until our government is de-funded, and there is nothing left of the once great democracy we had. They can only get away with this if you let them, by being passive observers of their spectacle. Arnold is just another useless image of popularity that is robbing you of control over your life through your complicity. Time to fight for your rights to a respectable life.


Here is an example of the anti-government, anti-tax, pro-commodity growth argument that the right has been seeding as propaganda for the last 40 years. This propaganda attempts to dupe average citizens by appealing to each person's inability to get by with the income they are making. Because their wages are not enough and the wealthy are not paying their fair share of taxes to provide infrastructure they are led to believe that cutting taxes will bring them more money. But tax cuts always benefit the wealthy most and the consequent lack of funds going into tax revenues denies the average tax payer of services, which now the rich are offering to you at a greater cost, lower quality, and no oversight that the government provided services used to provide.

Government jobs are good paying jobs that should provide services for the public good. Parks, schools, libraries, hospitals, fire, police, roads, trails, water, power, sewer, public buildings, public gatherings, public gardens and landscaping, the internet, communications systems, public TV stations for non-profit oriented information and communication, in essence all that profit making operations should never be involved in because their motivations is profit not service. Our taxes are currently insufficient because the political donor classes ($750,000 individual income per year and up) (top .5%) are ripping us off.