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5/4/08 - Have the people who occupy our government rendered protest, letter writing, opinion polls and voting an exercise in futlity? Has "democracy" been permanently gutted from the inside out, or can a grassroots rebuild made by citizen "truthiticians" transform our plutocracy into a true democracy "of the people, by the people and for the people"?

2001 and the world's most powerful society elects a "drooling manikin" (courtesy Matt Taibbi) corporate stalinesque, smiley-faced Bozo as Emperor-President Ice9. The most powerful society's economy and leadership slips into a nose dive of incompetence provoking a flurry of teapot-tempest-paranoia creation by money-master money-monster, Dr. Strangelove DickC. The TV-Car encoffinated consumers cower in manufactured fear of rightfully expectable retribution for their Worldwide Plutonium Plutocracy's free-trade stripmining of anyone not bowing down before the Barrel of the American Dollar, including those holding the "Gun" for Fearless Leader.

The Fearless Leader Ruler Cult knows that Step One to Privitization Profit Frenzy is the defunding of governments and see they have stumbled onto the ultimate goldmine bonanza of defunding - Westernized Middle East Oil Empire via MegaTrillions Debt and MegaMillions Death & Debilitation. Just imagine by facilitating the collapse of 3 buildings with a couple thousand disposable humans aboard, they could defund every publicly owned, non-profit enterprise benefiting the people, (that interferes with their access to controlling these assets for their own profit) and throw the entire worldwide economic system into absolute chaos. The chaos of course is screened by the propaganda monkey wrenching corporate media, so the commoners don't realize what's happening. A few blinks later from this Shock Therapy Capitalism and what-do-you-know Cup Apocalypse! [Democracy was a nice experiment but it just don't work for us Plutocrats no more.]

They can't count the votes but "they" can sure count your dollars. They call it democracy but corporations are recognized as "persons" and control the entire election process from election funding, to determining debate participants, to vote counting, to lobbying. Citizens don't even have time to write their representatives but the wealthy can pay for fulltime this democracy? If they admit the Wars have been wrong, why don't "they" ever risk their job to stop them? "They" admit the president is a criminal but don't arrest him and allow him to commit more crimes. Is this really a democracy? Supreme Court Justice Anthony Scalia says that "torture is not punishment". Is the US really a constitutional democracy?

For me it has been a long 8 years of protest that seems to be no more than 5% effective. Vitually useless. I think it is useless to bargain with anyone who will not deal with truth over politics. Politics seem to me to be the art of social manipulation used to make people accept agendas based upon trusting a "personality". This just doesn't work anymore, if it ever did. It really seems adolescent to me. How could one trust anyone whose platform and performance is confusion?

Under these conditions how about this suggestion for implementing real change. Create a platform, written as simply as the Constitution with concrete objectives, and pre-written laws, written in similarly simple language that implement those objectives and post them on the web for all to see before election. Get a group of seven like-minded citizens who will share equally this elected position, one for each day of the week. Each would serve one-seventh of the time at this jointly represented office. This would allow the "representative" to have a personal life while teaming up to participate in our democracy, representing a platform.

The idea that our representatives and elected officials "represent" citizens is preposterous, as the results of the last 250 years have shown. How can someone represent a person? It's on the face of it, absurd. The only thing a "representative" can represent are ideas. If "representatives" actually did this, represent clearly stated, clearly understood ideas - policies, goals and objectives, then we could hold them to these, or they would be recalled, fired... outta-there!

The hub for the "representative team" would be a website. On this website would be: full documentation of the platform (policies, goals and objectives) and pre-written laws; policy statements clarifying every issue and how it's "representation" would be pursued (this would substitute for endless speeches reiterating, or rather not obfuscating as our current crop of politicians do); a list of proposed votes on bills with justifications based upon how they match the platform, and a list of the actual voting record; certified constituent polling on all issues; and detailed documentation of how other "representatives and government officials have blocked, thwarted, embargoed or destroyed efforts to implement the "elected platform",

This is the most important feature here - the elected platform. This is the real "star" of the people, not some pompous phoney personality selling us a cure to a disease his cohorts have created for the purposes of clubby profit. The elected platform is, or should be, the heart of our democratic republic. If we must use the republic form of democracy there must be transendence of the personality and it's quest for power and profit. I think this is a path to that goal.

The most difficult aspect of implementing a "policy representation" will be defending it from the Shock&Awe politics of the existing Red&Blue corporate politicians. "They" embargoed the Green, Audie Bock, in California. "They" twist the words and context of any speaker into tripping over themselves trying to demanipulate the manipulations (just look at the Obama/Wright campaign of confusionism where the truth never surfaces for the public to easily see) of the media (information distribution network) owned by the plutocracy. "They" outspend, embargo, defund, trick and dupe just like a pack of adolescent bullies running amuck.

In my opinion representing a platform will be a way to evolve into our social adult, and start following our principles rather than the destructive pragmatic bullshit of capitalism. It will be an entirely new way of seeing the world, where principle, the truth (the best available information assiduously sought after), and sustainability supercede and obsolete pyramid profit empires. Isn't it really much easier to be honest and straightforward, knowing your doing the right thing, rather than slithering around all the time trying to avoid the truth that you're a lying greedy cheat? Being a citizen of the US is naturally being a part of this reality (and all US coitizens need to be informed of a truthfully described history so we can move forward), whether one likes it or not. So isn't it time to pull ourselves out of this slimy primordial muck of our own creation and seque to eutopia?

What do you think?

1/6/08 - Only the Heart of the Warrior Can Stop our Slide to Self Obliteration. War is Obsolete! The Consumer Culture is Obsolete! What happens when the Obsolete find out they are obsolete?

They go beserk. They find bogey men behind every bush, inside every backpack, in every email, in every voice of protest. And to root out these bogey men, they have to suspend the Constitution, invade random victimizable countries, place surveillance devices in every nook and cranny of the Enlish Muffin. Meanwhile they leave Osama bin Laden, the Taliban, nuclear weapons, and brand new American fighter jets (signed the deal not just three days after the assasination of a corrupt but leading candidate for an imminent presidential election) capable of delivering a nuke payload anywhere in the world, all together safe and sound, in Pakistan.

Meanwhile back in Richistan the peons below the millionaire top 3%, are trying to figure out why their world is being is being completely destroyed by the lunatic fringe at the top. We are the richest nation in the history of the planet and yet our infrastructure, our environment, our health, our retirements, have all been bankrupted by these economic elites and their panty raids on our tax revenues. Let's be clear, we spend more than 50% of our federal budget on Defense, 40% of which is black. And this does not count the cost of the Wars...throw in another $200 billion or so and a total of 2 trillion over the next 10 years...uhhh!

Problem is their entire capitalist pryamid scheme has obsoleted itself as you can see from the Annie Leonard video below "The Story of Stuff". They are too stupid to know what to do about their incompetence potentially causing human species extinction, so they keep using tactics from the same stupid paradigm that got us in this problem in the first place, and just make things geometrically worse - such as war and toxification. Or like allowing China to become a middle ages serf nation to the First World Consumer Suck Engine (check out this horrifying article in Mother Jones). Rather than seeing global toxification as a problem that needs to be halted they mainline it! Fight fire with fire and burn it all down. Nero would be proud.

So the cat is out of the bag and everyone knows they and their system are obsolete, but the Obsoletes keep pretending that everything is just Jim Dandy. The media has smiley faces and tell you just as much as they can get away with. The politicians are serving up money on golden platters to their rich friends and the world goes on as before. But wait, what happens when real all-hell breaks loose and coastal cities are inundated (the estimates of desertification alone dispacing people in the next 10 years - 50 million!); the American public learns that: the elections in both 2000 and 2004 were stolen; the sub- prime scandal is 20 times larger than the media is letting on; and that our Constitution has been essentially repealed and replaced with a police state to enforce an authoritarian workstate of paranoid rich people who are afraid that any meaningful reform will make their little pyramid scheme all broken and worthless?

There are a lot of signs this is already happening. Congress is passing absurd laws that make it a crime to protest or to engage in civil disobedience. Protests at conventions or other big hoedowns are restricted to small fenced in areas blocks and sometimes miles from the event being protested. (Sorry but the First Amendment says nothing about a having to obtain permits or even having restrictions to free assembly. Our current culture has slowly allowed unconstitutional laws to restrict our inalienable freedoms.) How will we have the change we need if the information necessary to accomplish change is blocked by the police state?

The urban areas are being cleared out of poor folk like seen in the Big Brother social engineering experiment in New Orleans. Privatization of water, power, military, schools, health care, all forms of public services will once again funnel profits to the millionaires and defund us of our once egalitarian democracy that kept all it's money for public benefit. The media is controlled by conglomerates that fear any change to their pyramid of profit and consequently give us nothing more than meaningless babble.

Look out folks, they are coming after anyone who doesn't go along with this spectacle of self destruction. And they try to portray anyone who protests as a "terrorist". I think this is next up on the fascist play card...the up and coming bogey man - the "terrorist next door". I don't how they are going to do it but watch out for the sign posts of this tactic. It's already in that crazy law passed by Congress - Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act and if you throw in the "Patriot Act" (isn't it interesting how they can take an abrogation of the Constitution and call that "Patriotic") allowing the abduction and torture of any American citizen for any reason, and make it a secret so they don't have to inform anyone. My God what have you got...Got Fascism? I'm sorry but if we need fascism to feel safe as a nation, there's something wrong.

[Check out how our current government compares with pre-war Nazi Germany...Thousands of miles of barbed wire fence and/or wall at the borders south with private Blackwater military bases nestling in; rounding up illegals/slave labor in factory raids and then proposing work visas for what becomes esentially indentured servitude; abrogation of the Constitution and suspension of habeas corpus allows any citizen to be disapeared without a trace; all of our email and phone conversations are being "hosed" by the surveillance community; proposed national and mandatory identity cards; all information regarding any government activity can be declared secret and block any inquiry (essentailly making our government secret); corporations have "greater" rights than citizens; Congress almost required every farm animal in the US, yes, every farm animal in the US to have a chip embedded in their bodies so they could be tracked by satellites (they must have some powerful dope up there in DC, brother...); "pre-emptive war" is an oxymoron; the American election system is rigged to exclude all third parties and the Red&Blue Corporate party is essentially a monoparty (proof?... 5 years, illegal war, why are we not out and why are we going to keep bases in Iraq?); attempted privatization of everything...FYI Mussolini called fascism - "the corporate state".]

All I can figure is the more obsolete they feel the more scared they get and the more paranoid they get and the more they will try to repress, or put a gun to the head of, anyone who doesn't go along. Their system is collapsing. They attack the disobedient abroad. They attack the disobedient at home. Their Obsolete's paranoia escalates conflict around the world in attempt to keep economic control. As crisis grows their responses become ever more desperate and bizarre. Just look out ...if this administration attempts to start a war with Iran or they stage (or allow) a "terrorist attack" associated with political protest against this new war (rebirthing Cointelpro?), or any of the above mentioned crisis, and they really start using Blackwater (or any of the other mercenary armies) as a privatized SS! The Obsoletes try and marginalize observations like these as paranoid, but they are the ones that have created an environment of war, torture, abduction, jailed protestors, jailed journalists, stolen elections, environmental destruction and corporate police state. The more fearful they get the crazier will be their responses. This is a time to be wise, observant, and assertively and Constitutionally resistant.

This is the time for each citizen to actualize the Warrior's Heart and start daily protest, disobeying the command to self-destruct, and redesigning our daily lives to defund the economic elites and their destructive pyramid scheme of profit. The Obsolete's paranoia will try to portray the disobedient as a criminal element and project onto them the Obsolete's inclination to see violence as the only solution to any conflict, as they have tried in Iraq, Afghanistan and so many other countries, cities (New Orleans) etc. Problem is we are not violent. We abhor violence. They abhor this and try to manufacture us into the enemy they seek to fulfill their urge to have conflict and domination. But we won't buy it. That's their product and they can have it all to themselves.

We now want our democracy back and we want a Power to the People movement. This will require that each of us become strong and assertive in our public presence to be a new reality separated from the profit motive and circulating our hearts, minds and passion towards sharing; building networks of sustainability; and relocalizing our daily lives. This will defund the madness of the Profit Monsters, manifest the Heart of the Warrior and bring our planet to a stewardship of adult homo sapiens. Like the Lakotah Nation has done, we will have to stand firm and demand our inalienable rights as citizens of earth and reclaim our place in Universe. This is the Heart of the Warrior! This our destiny.

11/19/07 - Attacking our Freedom to Protest

(from the Hightower Lowdown)

7/2/06 - No Gitmo Tribunals   The Supreme Court just ruled last week that the US must abide by International Law and treat the Gitmo Detainees as prisoners with trials and evidence exposed to the light of day.

It appears as though the swing vote on the court is now Kennedy. Kennedy is a conservative but not a fascist like Thomas, Scalia, and possibly Roberts and Alito. If Kennedy were ever replaced with another conservative like Roberts and Alito you better find your passport, like quick. The fascist police state would be right around the corner like a pit bull chasing raw meat. Like a street sticker I saw the other day...

American - Fascism - High Quality!

Some folks hate hearing the word fascism used when discussing American politics. They think it is an overstatement, or the rash comment of a hothead, or that its socially threatening or impolite. I think we need to call things what they trully are and start dealing with the real nature of our problems.

The Constitution was written to prevent our country from ever evolving into a totaliterian state, like the rule of England's King George I. The Constitution and Bill of Rights distributes equally from the three branches down to each citizen in an egaliterian fashion, with iron clad rules preventing authoritarianism. Our newly self-crowned King George III has terrorized, lied and cheated his way to this point with almost no resistance from our elected officials. His spying, secret torture and attempted secret tribunals are without oversight and unquestionably illegal.

There's not enough room here to cover how many of Bush's acts are illegal, immoral and impeachable. But what is scariest is the similarities between the US now and pre WWII Germany.

How many ways fascist are starting wars, detainment camps, torture, spying, Total Information Awareness (feeding peronal data to commercial interests like Choice Point who worked to rig the elections in Florida in 2000), vote tampering, indentured servitude contracts, corporate CEOs (acting as policy making committees) in government, etc. Scalia, Thomas and Alito have agreed with Bush's reasoning for secret tribunals where heresay and "secret" evidence can be used without any public scrutiny. Is this American democratic truth and justice or fascist police state fear and loathing?