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6/2/07 - What Should the Anti-War Movement Do Now?

The A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition has posted notice for open responses to the impasse (that Cindy Sheehan's "resignation" mirrors) that the peace movement, the left, and concerned humans everywhere are experiencing...

Never before has humanity experienced a greater disconnect between the opinions of the governed and the acts of the governing. No matter how big the protests or the numbers registered on public opinion polls, the governing continue to ignore our will and prosecute war and empire that benefit their wealthy ruling class system hierarchy. They curtail constitutional rights, defund government and install laws making success for working class citizens virtually impossible.

The ruling classes are in control of a technological present that monopolizes citizen free time and substitutes subsistence work and family commitments to the exclusion all else except their empty headed media and entertainment industries that produce unsatisfying passiveness. This passiveness looks upon the spectacle of media coverage of anti-war protests, yawns, and says... "what's next". The truth is our technological present has insulated humanity from real life on earth and imprisoned us in an illusionary life of substitutes that enable a tiny minority of the planet to stay atop a self destructive pyramid scheme.

How can organized protest have any meaning or effect if it's just seen as another spectacle to be ignored, both by the ruling elite and the ordinary citizen?

ANSWER's assessment of the current political situation published in their letter is correct. But the palette of options that probably compose an acceptable solution to them, and the left in general, will never include the successful solutions they seek because it ignores the following realities...

- The current civilization is adolescent in nature valuing trickery and hierarchy over fact and rational decision making.

- Politics is the art of the liar. Compromise, as it is currently practiced in government, is the art of lying to preserve a hierarchy with the wealthy on the top and hopeless hopefuls on the bottom.

- Elected "representatives" should represent and administer documented platform objectives. These objectives would be posted on their websites with proposed laws that would implement these policies and publish the record of their success in implementation. (For instance a Green Party Candidate would publish the Green Party Platform and proposed laws to implement the platform and then document successes and the blockages that produced failure. In the case of the Iraq War the issue of what your "representative" is doing about it is resolved, being that their platform unequivocally forbids war in this circumstance and that the mandated implementation of the Green Platform precludes allowing funding or support in any manner. In essence no "compromise with the devil". We currently have only a handful of politicians that function this way.)

- The current adolescent civilization now covers every square inch of land on earth and is incapable of providing a sustainable living circumstance for all living things. It is a paradigm that has failed and needs a complete reconfiguration of function.

- The next phase of evolution, the adult civilization, is the only current option and requires consciousness, which previous to this time has been only an illusion. The adult civilization is based upon truth (the best available information assiduously sought out) and rational decision making that has as it's goal the success and well being of the entire earth ecosystem rather than monetary profit. The adolescent consciousness brought us the policies that are the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Earth Charter. The adult consciousness will actually implement these ideals to ensure our safe, egalitarian evolution on earth.

- Anything short of the above scenario is just another adolescent compromise and lie that results in the same old trick-or-treat hierarchy that has us in the existing pickle-of-a-mess we are in right now.

- As the above statements concern our conscious social organizing behavior, on a personal, individual level we must each perform a likewise adult consciousness. Daily life becomes consciously manifesting a sustainable life through assiduously seeking out the best existing non-toxic activities. Socializing rules that perpetuate the old adolescent toxic hierarchy are to be ignored while instead working toward truth and egalitarianism for all the planet's inhabitants. Daily, individual protest would be the norm until the adult civilization has kicked-in.

- Any representative or government employee must function as an implementor of public policies designed to provide egalitarian and sustainable life on earth.



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