Post-Industrial Necklace
size (21" chain length)
Red Coil Black Dash
$ 125.
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Sandy Sanders
2200 Adeline St. #250A, Oakland, CA 94607, USA
Post-Industrial Jewelry
"Red Coil Black Dash"
Industrial bushings, electrical coil, beads. electrical fastener.
©1988 Sandy Sanders

I have always been interested in pattern and color in surfaces and solid objects. I have also always been fascinated by tribal and ancient decorative designs in everyday objects. Eruba Beadwork objects present sensual color on form, while the form of the beads and how light renders the form of each bead sets a visual vibration that differs from 2D painting.

I was in a electric surplus store one day hunting for goodies and saw these great bushings that were just the right size for jewelry. I have since collected quite a bit of surplus industrial materials and found objects that I use to make jewelry. Some elements are new, others are reused materials, saved from becoming more land fill.

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