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Purchase a Custom Print. Prints larger than legal size are printed on an Epson 7600 with light-fast archival UltraChrome inks on matte archival papers. Prints, posters or stickers legal size and smaller are made with non-water soluble pigment inks on suitable media. Fine Art Prints are printed on Textured Fine Art Paper or other suitable archival papers, signed and dated by the artist. Posters are printed on a matte coated paper. Custom sizes not listed below, and canvas, matte or gloss, and a variety of papers are available. Email your custom requests here for a quote or use the table below to choose the desired print. For other artworks please specify your choice and I will contact you asap. To pay by credit card please use PayPal, see details below.

Title of Artwork Requested:_______________________________________

Custom Prints (Prices Effective December 2017)

size approximate, *includes 1-1½" unprinted border.

Posters include grommeted corners for
push pin wall mounting.

Ability to Pay Price Range
(The prce is determined by your income...$0-15k in income pays the lowest price in column #1, while $80 -100k in income would pay the price in column #2 , and a person making in the top 2% (250k+) would pay the price in column #3. This is Ecotopia. You and your karma determine what you pay. I trust you. )
*(Fine Art Print) 8 x 10"
$ 10. - 50. - 250
*(Fine Art Print) 11 x 14"
  20. - 70 - 350
*(Fine Art Print) 17 x 22"
  35. - 90. - 650
*(Fine Art Print) 18 x 24"   50.- 120. - 950
(Poster Print) 11 x 17"    10. - 30. - 150
(Poster Print) 17 x 22"    15. - 50. - 250
(Poster Print) 18 x 24"    25. - 70. - 350
Larger/smaller sizes/media available by request. e-mail
Add Postage & Handling:
Continental US $10.00; other U.S./Canada $45.00; Mexico $45; International $65.00.
To pay by credit card go to and send funds to me at, or send check in U.S. funds to: Sandy Sanders, PO Box 244, Mapleton, OR 97453 USA
Send to:

60 day satisfaction guarantee. If you find the art or print not up to your expectations, return in good condition for a full refund less postage and handling.

You can make an order in one of two methods. Make a credit card payment online through PayPal to my PayPal account at and send me an email describing the purchase or donation. Or print out a copy of this page, fill-in your choices, and mail the request with a check or money order in U.S. funds to: Sandy Sanders, PO Box 244, Mapleton, OR 97453. Delivery time will be from 2-3 weeks. Thanks for your support!

Framing Suggestions and Display Tips

Questions? Feedback? E-mail here.

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