A Selection of Anti-Lockdown Art & Detournements
Feel free to share this protest art. Under copyleft all you have to do is give me an artist credit or not.

I think we've all had enough of this bullshit. I want my life back.

Prints of any size can be ordered. I print and sign custom archival prints on matte paper on request. Prices and sizes listed. Contact me at sandy@sandys.art if you have questions or special requests.

My archival inkjet prints are printed on an Epson 7600 with a variety of coated matte archival papers, all estimated at 100 years or better longevity.

"After Dan Piraro 2021 Xmas Card", 2021. A detournement to 2021 from scratch of a Dan Piraro Xmas cartoon.
"Covidian 1%", 2021, a detournement of a bankster and a golden covid moment.
Our new anti-LOCKDOWN T, in black, for Oregon and Gov Brown can be purchased here at Society 6.
Our new anti-LOCKDOWN T, in red, for Oregon and Gov Brown can be purchased here at Society 6.

"capitalism is the virus", 2020, a detournement of the Shephard Fairey Time Magazine cover updated to 2020.

"gun barrel pandemic", 2020. stencil art

Anti-Lockdown Paper Bag Head (with large format printout pdf), 2021

A detournement of Magritte and the cartoon art of our kovid "scientific" community. There are no photographs or even images of kovid or isolated pathogenic viruses and any viruses DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS ABSURD INVENTION TO INDUCE FEAR. 2020

"It's Orange!" For those of you who remember TV ad sales of a vitamin because... "it's orange!", 2021
"Recall Brown", 2021. This power Vampire has placed Oregon under continuous emergency LOCKDOWN for 12 months+. We have the 5th lowest deaths per capita. I've seen no one sick nor heard of any Oregon deaths from friends. We are not children. The government is not a tyrannical parent. We must have advise and consent and in fact we should be able to vote on any measures deployed.
"Shock Dogma", 2021. poster version
"Disobey", 2021, sticker or...
"We Do It For The Great Reset of Capitalism", 2020. A detournement of a Medieval gilded painting. We the 99% are now the sacrificial lambs dying for the greedy sins of the 1%.
"We Are The Virus Enemy of the Capitalist Elite", 2020.
"You are a Virus", 2021. A detournement of a frame from the 1956 British film "1984". The LOCKDOWN is a Police State primer.

All works copyleft sandy 2021.Thank you Tup Wanders for the wonderful Fettecke font!
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