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"The world will not evolve past it's current state of crisis by using the same thinking that created the crisis." -Albert Einstein

"If man made it, don't eat it!" - Jack LaLanne

June 1, 2013
Capitalism is Dead.

As I hear predictions of a bond market, student loan, home loan, stock market, credit crash aka Bankster Crash 2, and study the incoming austerity and privatization of the 1% onto the 99%, my 62 years on earth click in and the dots are connecting. [This is where humans will always be better than any computer. Holistic non-linear connection to ecosystem, a part of Gaia.] Capitalism is like a foreign linear software program for juveniles and has come to it's end as serving humans economically.

As I went to SFMOMA last night for their 24 hour closing party, they will close for two years of building expansion, I looked at the art collections and the art of the contemporary artists with their hidden messages of suffering and oppression, skilled handwork, and quest for beauty. In the entire building I saw only 2 excellent blatantly political works by British artists. Everything else was veiled messages of generalized repression or eye candy of various intents. I have come to the conclusion that the art world has cultivated ambiguity into a cult worship and abandoned straightforward communication with the public. I think we can attribute responsibility for this to the post 70's art world who has devolved itself into a fashion show to post-modernist thinking. "Anything goes, who cares, shit happens, sit back and enjoy the ride, everything's been done before, nothing will change the world" protect the 1%'s fantasy existence at all cost and let's not face social and environmental catastrophe arising from the very greed and commodity madness that drives the art world. Just another corporate empire of the 1% we are forced to live in.

[And the topper for me after watching everyone at MOMA having such a good time amidst this spectacle/Matrix/soma? We were greeted at the West Oakland BART station by a BART cop pretending to be a robocop. He stood like a crew-cut statue, sunglasses, muscled, threatening crossed arms, staring like a machine at riders coming through the turnstiles. A camera attached to the right side of his sunglasses, apparently filming everyone. I am so tired of the police state of the 1%. Poverty and escalating deprivation. This third world USA they have made. It's disgusting and humiliating.]

The main problem is that this death of capitalism is being hidden by the 1%, their cronies and their media. Otherwise everyone could participate in the next evolutionary step and we could have a peaceful transition. As it is, the 1% is trying to eek out everything they can before the lid blows. [I hear the derivatives market is $1000 trillion, which equals $142,000 for every human on earth.] Then it appears as though they will try to slam austerity into privatization to grab the last financial frontier on Earth: vital public services.

First it was conquest and colonialism, then World Wars, then corporate global empire and consumerism. As consumer goods production peaked the Wall Street Casino has been used to create shadow wealth. But with nowhere to grow, capitalism fails. It burns itself out, or kills the host. The question now is will the 1% attempt to continue the burn and kill the host?

This attempt to kill us by the juvenile cretin 1% is the final stage, the final war for freedom from the pyramid scheme and it's mandatory sentence of lifetime wage slavery. This final war will be for freedom from an austerity induced privatized corporate hell without commons, or public services, health care, education, or pensioned retirement. The police state they are building to preserve their grasp on worldwide financial tyranny is a loosing battle. The 1% will have to figure this out and back off before we step in, or they will feel the full wrath of a humanity being shoehorned into Neo-Fuedalism...that ain't going to happen. I think we, the 99%, will have to design the new direct democracy in governing ourselves and the new democratic workplace where all will prosper in a self-organized egalitarian prosperity. This is a sustainable economy and an end to world poverty.

Capitalism cannot perform sustainability which requires non-linear systems performance and multiple simultaneously cross beneficial functions. It sacrifices everything to profit. It's a pyramid scheme and like all pyramid schemes will fail. It's died already. Why do you think we hear of zombie banks, zombie corporations and zombie this and zombie-vampire-that obsessions. Capitalism is a monster who's day has passed. Time for the burial and final goodbyes. And good riddance.

A People's Solution to The Debt Crisis Caused by Wall Street leaflet.

May 28, 2011
After attending an Oakland City Council Meeting Thursday night and observing the complete lack of attention and or affect demonstrated by members of the City Council and Mayor Quan from 100% of citizens speaking, including myself, pleading endlessly for them to stop cutting services, I am as pessimistic as I have ever been about California's future. Our leadership has learned the technique of ignoring citizen complaints that businesses now use as default behavior when dealing with customers and clients. Dont like what they have to say? Totally ignore them, they are irrelevant and continue doing what you want. All the laws protect these people, such as Banksters, PG&E, BP, Bush, Cheney, Guantanimo, drone killings, and local police who kill poor citizens with impunity, you name it from pre-emptively arresting protesters to writing parking tickets for $852.00, the laws are rigged and/or ignored for everyone except common citizens. I tried to emphasize that the Mayor and City Council need to go up to Sacramento like us protestors and do some civil disobedience to demand a revocation of the 2/3rds rule so we can restore majority rule and sane taxation of the rich and corporate. Until that time, California and it's Cities face drastic economic times. Below is a poster of California Budget Project charts that describe the current taxation bias towards the rich and against the bottom 80% of Californians...


(Obama came to town Wed. so I made these posters quickly for a placard using the great cover illo from the documentary "The Corporation" and popped in Mr.O's face for that ultimate GoldmanSachs look. Downloadable pdfs available for protest use when he comes to your town! )

March 2011
California Budget Challenge: I was able to create a no-brainer budget surplus of $2.8 billion while restoring Schools and Health Care funding. the rich and corporations; take away the ridiculous corporate subsidies and tax breaks, install an oil severance tax; create a skimpy carbon tax. Since this is not being done it's quite clear we are not our representatives constituency, the rich and corporate are.

March 2, 2011
Running Coup d'etat in Progress!

The Republicans are doing, while Democrats are watching, a coup d'etat of our democracy, now! Gov. Scott Walker has locked the State Capitol doors to the public while politicians and the media are given entrance to hear his Austerity Budget Declaration. Emperor Walker has declared Wisconsin "Open for Business" but closed to The People. This IS a coup d'etat of our democratic republic. In many states across the country Republican idealogues have begun similar Shock Doctrine style austerity after giving tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy. They are "selling us a cure to a disease they have created". With democracy rebellions going on across the globe Republicans are shutting democracy down across the country with autocratic means. The media is either ignoring it or as Fox has done LIE about it. This is TYRANNY and the Democrats...are? ...? barely doing anything but gawking. The guantlet has been laid down and they are attempting a last gasp blitz before the backlash sends them back to their medieval hovels. Rebellion against the tyrants!

Feb. 17, 2011
"This is America!" (youtube video)

As Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave her speech at George Washington University yesterday (Feb. 16, 2011) condemning governments that arrest protestors, like Egypt, Tunisia, Iran and others, and do not allow free expression, 71-year-old Ray McGovern was grabbed from the audience in plain view of her by police and an unidentified official in plain clothes, brutalized and left bleeding in jail.

Protest "should be allowed" anywhere except the US. While a new cointelpro effort is rounding up anti-war protesters before they even protest, and protest are gased, blasted with microwave and ultra high sound tanks, and isolated peaceful protesters attacked by riot police, ...public workers in Wisconsin are threatened by their governor with State Troopers and the National Guard should they protest the elimination of their union bargaining rights. This is America? No, as Noam Chomsky coins it today on DemocracyNow, this is a "Crminal State".

Will Emperor O subvert Egypt like he did Honduras during the Zelaya coup? Neither democracy nor their pure forms has ever been allowed to exist by the capitalist elite. When will not-for-profit humanity rise up to rule itself?

CitiGroup Plutonomy Memos.

Never see pictures of a real Afghanistan? Without dirt and rubble, with large buildings, clean streets and large crowds enjoying their life? Without American troops carrying heavy weaponry? Ever wonder why you don't see a picture of Kabul like the above? I have always wondered why media pictures never show us real life in Kabul. We always see blasted out dirt and clay buildings...essentially a destitute hell-hole to the western eye. I just tried image searches in Google and Bing and apparently they both have wiped these images from the average search. Our US media are nothing more than an arm of corporate government, devoid of a democratic journalistic infrastructure...military and rubble. It's disgusting. Anyway, I did finally find a student's blog with photos from a visit in 2007 (using the search: "postcard" "kabul") and one gets to see the real Kabul during war. The above beautiful postcard is from 1970 Kabul. When will we stop destroying other peoples lives and countries for the sake of corporate empire?

2-11-10 ... America 2010: Democracy on Trial. The New McCarthyism is McCapitalism: Republicrat's Siege Mentality Against Democracy and the Constitution ...
Corporate health care, corporate monopolies in media and communications, corporate outsourced military, corporate outsourced government, privatization mania, torture, kidnapping, mass murder, grand theft bailout, pallets of billion$ in Iraq graft, coup d'etats, Haitian military occupation, revocation of free speech and assembly, revocation of labor law, revocation of financial regulation or virtually any regulation of business via de-taxation of wealth. The list of anti-democratic behavior by our representatives is beyond belief. The rant that drives this behavior? As quoted from Money Market's Jim Cramer " know we got a little too much democracy here in this country...". This is a common statement amount the economic elites since the 70's and today they attack patriotic American citizens exercising their constitutional rights as though we were the "commies" of the McCarthy trials. How else do you allow torture, indiscriminate drone attacks, renditions, an oil empire war budget that exceeds 50% of tax revenues, the gutting of labor rights, rampant corporate welfare, foreclosures for commoners and bailouts for bankers, and on and on, while the US is the richest country in the world with the greatest concentration of wealth in the world and refuses to tax wealth commensurate to it's ability to pay? Villainize democracy. Villainize free speech and assembly of those who protest. Villainize a few thousand Muslims in the desert with tiny rockets and rocks while America's military might kills hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians and allows millions to starve while guns are pointed at the lives of millions of earthquake victinms in Haiti 100 miles off our shores. Villainize the poor, the homeless, the weak. Villainize unions, your neighbor or anyone who disagrees with unregulated global capitalism benefiting less than one percent of the population.

1-26-10 ...Supreme Court Ascribes Corporations Superhuman Rights...

DemReps Lock Out Choice or Change in Massachusetts...
Privatization is Crammed Down Our Throats...
Wars Are all the Rage in IraqoRanoAfganoPakoYemenistan...
How Many Platform Promises Has Obama Broken?...
Torturers, Thieves and Murderers - Amerika Corp Marches Ever On...
How Much More Will the People Allow?...
Death Star Amerika?...


12-16-09 ...Big Brother Reality is the TV Reality, all contrary views are filtered out. Big Brother has tricked us into policing ourselves with their false reality.

It is unequivocally clear the Global Big Brother Elite, the top .5% of the population, what David Cay Johnston calls the Donor Class ($750k/year income) lives in a bubble reality disconnected from the realities physical life on earth and have circled their wagons to stop the inevitable transformation of the earth's population to reject global capitalism. All objections, all objectors, all facts that run contrary to the existing tv view of reality are marginalized, ignored, ejected, beaten or arrested, and then all reports of the foregoing behavior are lyingly twisted to portray illegality, property damage or are declared "terrorist" acts against the empire.


All hail the wholly owned trinity of War, Slavery and Ignorance!

The one-eyed worm of capitalist leadership, the driving urge of Big Brother, can only see one objective - profit. All other issues are irrelevant. As such over-population has served their supply-of-labor and demand-of-product requirements while outstripping the earth's resource capacity to provide a sustainable life support system. As such, technology has been used to hyperspace commodity transactions, consumer spending /debt, and to downsized labor needs. As such capitalism has been the CampFireTv of the bourgeois and ne'er-do-well bourgeois. As such, wealth has risen while middle-class bare survival and poverty have ballooned. As such, capitalism's de-regulation evolved into monopolies of telecommunications, tv, radio, hollywood, and commercialized public broadcasting and these have been used to present to the public the Big Brother view of reality. As such the public knows and understands little of what is happening politically and has been involuntarily opted off the bargaining table where privatization, amidst the world-ever greatest accumulation of wealth, is being offered as our Last Supper.

Isn't it funny that although they are richer than ever and we are supposed to be better off then ever, that they can't find any solutions except cuts? This flywheel of profits is driving a rebellion of the people. Instead of change-to-create-balance, the one-eyed worm reaches for the tighter-grasp-on-power... police; armies; illegal laws; ignored laws, constitutions and treaties; lying; torture; kidnapping; false imprisonments; false reporting; and any trick or treat that will perpetuate their godless (any "god" portrayed on their screen is a handy dandy pacifier myth) and immoral capitalism. And since no one can stop them because they have all the capital, the reigns of power and the mindspace of the ill-informed...


12-15-09 ...Compare and Contrast the Farewell Address of Eisenhower to the Pulitzer Peace Prize Acceptance Speech of Obama.

It is unequivocally clear how the craft of statesmanship has degraded from Eisenhower's warrior/citizen to the unflappable con-man/corporate CEO of Obama. From America to America Corp., we are now in the hands of Lord of the Flies leaders. When the Iron Curtain and Big Brother East went down, America Corp. saw that Big Brother West was the way to go. From long lines at the stores, to corporate food, to corporate media, to corporate army, they saw in their sites a corporate world and so our current Big Brother Planet was born.

Eisenhower, in his prescient farewell speech of 1961, nailed every problem we now face, laid it out on the table for posterity, and we have promptly ignored it at our own peril. The growth and development of the MIC (military industrial complex) that he warned us against has been the model for the corporate takeover of our democratic republic which is now nearly complete. The MIC now takes in 60% of our tax revenues and has aligned itself with corporate enterprise worldwide as the new Earthian government. The peace, mutual respect and love, and equality with the weakest, that Eisenhower spoke of, is now abandoned by Obama, the Republicrats and the WTO for the rhetoric of Big Brother.

War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.

Obama says "as a head of state...I face the world as it is...", and in so doing he embraces a Big Brother world with the objectives of Eisenhower turned inside out, backwards and upside down. There is no war, only occupations that kill and terrorize citizens and confiscate resources. There is no freedom where citizens are called terrorists and arrested for speaking or assembling with others to peacefully propose change to the status quo. There is no knowledge where the business interests of corporations precludes objective journalism and a promise of keeping citizens informed. All of these Eisenhower warned us against while Obama and the New World Order now use these to rule us.

War, Ignorance and Slavery... all hail the Fearless Leaders and their march toward social and environmental oblivion.


12-4-09 ...Is Big Brother Watching Us or Are We Watching It?

There has never been more to protest against and advocate for than right now. Health Care, Peace, Global Cooling, Re-nationalization of Public Assets and Commons including the Airwaves, Restored Taxation of Wealth, Free Public Education, Free Public Transportation, Majority Rule Democracy, Publicly Financed Multi-Party-Equal Elections, End of Torture, and return to the rule of law which would require the prosecution and jailing of criminal behavior by elected and appointed officials in government and finance, much less Eliminating Corporate Personhood.

With all these obvious problems and a financial collapse why aren't these changes coming about? There's more surveillance everywhere you go as those in control become increasingly paranoid. Is Big Brother watching us and making us paranoid too? Or is the tv and corporate information media surrounding us in our homes hypnotizing us into cattle who just watch and chew cud? How about all the demands of capitalist consumer life - eat, work, eat, work, eat, entertain, sleep, - repeated each day re-enforced by the information media feeding us soma, while the speed of it all escalates each product cycle entrapping us in a net of consumption? When will we collectively kick down that electronic wall with the tiny corporate window frame and see the world in it's true state and take action?

11-30-09 ...Want confirmation of commercial media incompetence and bias? Watch non-profit Democracy Now each day from today Monday Nov. 30 thru Fri. Dec. 18. Coverage of the Copenhagen Climate Conference and the WTO Gaming of Climate and Economy begins. Compare and Contrast DemNow coverage to commercial media sources for useful news of protest, issues involved, corporate globalization, negotiation progress and other useful info. Then decide for yourself if the FCC needs to step in and revoke the licenses of commercial media and move for REAL public non-profit media in each region of the US.

10-09-09 ...Brother Cornell West calls the current situation "Communism for the Rich" sounds about right, no? Why don't leaders like this run for office???

10-09-09 ...Voter Revolution... Jerry Wilson mounts "viral" campaign for Oregon governor

10-04-09 ...Courts Hand More Personhood Rights to Corporations: Immunity to Freedom of Information Requests.

They can kill and bomb in battle, they can conspire behind closed doors, they can fabricate records, they can funnel as much money as they want, they can lie as needed to sell or trick, they can steal, are faultless in court hearings, can write contracts that absolutely remove them from any liability, they can buy life insurance called "dead peasants" coverage on their employees and collect millions of dollars (see Moore's "Capitalism, a Love Story"), in fact it seems as though they have assumed a magical godlike role in our civilization care of our capitalist elite politicians and leaders. Eliminating corporate personhood seems the only solution that will stop this monster from completely obliterating our planet. What is most amazing...that human beings willingly participate in this species suicide.

9-30-09 ...Flash Mob Protest Against Anti-Worker Capitalist Whole Foods CEO proves protest can be creative, fun and productive...

                Occupy California proves that the people are aware of the fact that the elites running our system are using the financial crisis they created as a sledgehammer to privatize us like the World Bank and IMF did to Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Russia and Poland just to name a few. This is not just a California problem, it's a US problem.

9-26-09 ...Sotomayor Issues Challenge to a Century of Corporate Law

9-21-09 ...“Only the Super-Rich Can Save Us!”? .... World Snapshot October 2009 - A World Lost in Itself

Problems - Global Climate Disruption; Great Depression II, Public Revenues Strangled by Corporate Control of Government's Operations to Secure Higher Profits for Themselves; Population 4x Current Carrying Capacity of Earth; Wealthy Empire's Wars for Control of Resources and Public Revenues; a Broad Misinformation Campaign by Corporate Media Monopoly Keeps the World's Population Clueless on These Above Problems; and All of the Above Being Used as Reasoning to Impose Global Privatization to Close Out Democracies Permanently.

Solutions - Implement the Earth Charter; an Elimination of Corporate Personhoods; a Carbon Tax, Election System and Vote Reforms; Single Payer Health Care and other Nationalizations of Public Infrastructures and Resource Extraction to Place the Profit of these Systems in the Hands of the People Rather than Private Ownership.

The Scene - A clueless leadership proceeds with the same old same, old - profit, infinite growth, and infinite population to fulfill their need for infinite growth on a filled-up planet. This leadership, controlled by capitalism's demands, spins misinformation so that the infinite profit and growth cycle continues with its problems unknown by the masses of misinformed. Stuck like a dog continuously digging a hole, the "system" sends the Earth over the edge of a sustainable paradigm with no options on the table. The solutions above are the options, but those are blocked by the idiots digging their hole, and our collective grave.

Wealth, both corporate and private, has taken control of the consumer and government apparatuses that affect their ability to produce unlimited profit. This has become so successful that they are strangling themselves. Like a creature suffocating from lack of oxygen our system is in convulsions of crisis in an enclosed area and is in denial as to the cause.

Ralph Nader has created a fiction novel portraying our salvation being created by a savvy and socially responsible ultra rich coalition. Is our salvation to be done by a group of enlightened capitalists? Or is our salvation an end around capitalism, performed by the commoners it has spent 1000 years corralling?

9-12-09 ...America is a Deeply Disturbed Nation

Just surf these links to see the whacked up close...

Yahoo article on a 9-12-09 DC Protest

Google search showing blanket media publishing of the above AP article and note the resulting articles tweaked from protesting "government spending" to emphasizing "Obama's Health Care".

A mindless blog of lost souls

A "Tea Party" website for the 9-12-09 DC Protest. Read the blogs and get a feel for what's happening here. The website is slick beyond the means of almost any progressive left website outside the Democrats network. Check out the slick logos of all the supposed conservative protest groups that cosponsor and realize this is being underwritten by lots of capital wealth from the elite.

A blog on media coverage on the "Tea Party" site. These people are so lost and spun within the fog of capitalist propaganda it's almost hopeless to think anything good will come out of the current system. Any possibility of rationality resulting from the elites and their current twisting of reality to serve the purpose of maintaining capitalism is done.

9-3-09 Bush's Third Term

9-3-09 Dear President Obama re: the Perfect Storm of War and Financial Disaster

All "wars" since WWII have been "wars" for empire. They have fed the military industrial profit centers and secured corporate dominance of markets worldwide. The growth of this activity, year after year, has drained tax revenues from public services to feed an evil empire covered up with a media smiley face.

Many thought you would bring this situation to a halt when they voted for you, even though your rhetoric never stated this. They HOPE. You DO. And you're NOT DOING anything. Like Carter and Clinton you're feeding the economic elites what they want: a fearful working class; a lower taxation welfare state for corporations and the wealthy; a war state that points the barrel of a gun in the face of weaker nations to secure control of resources; and economic and informational impoverishment for citizens through media disinformation, secrecy and convoluted, unconstitutional laws.

You must be aware of the perfect storm that these wars and the bailout heist will create in the next few years. Why you believe this is for the public good is beyond any rational understanding. It is certainly nothing we can buy into or go along with as we know all about this "empire thing" and it's attempt to use a perfect storm (Disaster Capitalism?) to declare universal governmental financial hardship and start installing massive privatization.

Mr. President we know about the history of the World Bank and the IMF and their demands for privatization on weakened states, and we about corporate control of campaign financing, elections and legislation in the US. And we know that privatization is not economically efficient as it funnels profits to a few, and poverty and disenfranchisement to the many. Privatization is NOT going to occur in the United States of America. We are awake and will not stand for this. You are our president and we want you to withdraw from these expensive wars for empire, give us citizens our money back from the financial sector, start taxing wealth and disallow all offshoring so we can refurbish our republic and it's service to the health and well being of the People. And we want it done NOW.



It is becoming clearer, day by day, that profit, exceeding sustainability needs and left unchecked, geometrically drains natural and human resources until both are completely depleted. Capitalism has died as an evolutionary tool for humanity but its zombie self remains proped-up-in-place by the consensual cooperation of generations of citizens domesticated by capitalist information environments. Unplugging from the preconceived notions of that environment will allow a return of human behavior to the balanced paradigms of nature where the concept of "profit" is an oxymoron. Sustainability is the new economic paradigm that will replace profit.

9-1-09 Yukio Hatoyama, new Japanese President opens asks:

"How can we put an end to unrestrained market fundamentalism and financial capitalism, that are void of morals or moderation, in order to protect the finances and livelihoods of our citizens?"

And concludes with quoting the words of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, founder of the first popular movement for a united Europe, written 85 years ago in “Pan-Europa” (his grandfather, Ichiro Hatoyama, translated his book, “The Totalitarian State Against Man,” into Japanese): “All great historical ideas started as a utopian dream and ended with reality. Whether a particular idea remains as a utopian dream or becomes a reality depends on the number of people who believe in the ideal and their ability to act upon it.”"

The solution is called direct democracy by a truthfully informed citizenry, unburdened by excessive livelihood requirements and commitments, free of the preconceived notions of a power and profit driven capitalist elite, and free and responsible to participate in local and regional community. The end result of this process will be a new reality, an ecotopian reality of a sustainable planet of life living in balance with itself.


8-1-09 ... Taxpayer Bailouts Go to Fatten Up the Financially Obese (more than $12bn in bonuses) While States and Localities Throw the Working Class and Poor into the Streets!

Is this a democracy or the tyranny of a terminally overweight corporate oligarchy? When will the American public wake up and turn away from the terminal Hopium of the Red&Blue Obama Washington Theater and demand a no compromise platform of policies, like the Green Party Platform, so we can rebuild back to a peaceful, localized-enabling, actual democratic republic, founded on sustainability rather than a profit pyramid scheme empire?

7-26-09 ... Paul Hawken tells it like it is...

7-16-09 ...New Study Reveals Major Health Problems Linked to Genetically Engineered Foods

(As the pyramid scheme continues to experience geometric difficulty obtaining the profits they desire, the more they use the power of capital to media manage information, gut regulation, install police state repressions (assasination squads, illegal detention, disappearings, illegal surveillance, torture, immigration scapegoating, border walls and street sweeping laws, Gaza's, drone killings, AETA and so much more!) and need we say ignoring serving the public good (what a concept!). The real problem is 90% of all information sources are scrubbed down so people who don't actively search out the truth are clueless as to the details and actualities of this real crisis, and thusly have no intellectual reason to protest or resist. How long will the consumer culture spectacle of the elites be able to keep their fingers in the dyke? Even people like Robert Reich are saying the current capitalist system is dead and an unknown new economy is our future. I think we need a new and genuine democratic government too. )


Dear President Obama,

Many Americans voted for you to reverse the illegal and anti-democratic leadership of the Bush and Reagan Administrations.  I voted for Cynthia McKinney because the Green Platform, if implemented, would totally and unequivocally achieve this goal, but waited to see what you would do. Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mexico's drug anarchy, and now the possible gutting of populist democracy in Honduras is mounting evidence that your administration is nothing more than Neo-Liberalism Lite, and will be a complete sellout.
The Honduras situation is a bellwether of who you are. You must make a dramatic stand to fully restore Zelaya and the power he previously had maintained. Restoring him to stick figure gov't so as to proceed with a silent coup will not do.
The Americas are going through a Renaissance of social democracies and jettisoning the poisonous presence of the mindless profiteering of godless corporations. These events were previously thwarted in Chile and Argentina in the 70's with disastrous economic and human rights results. This will not happen again. We all know about the World Bank and the IMF and the WTO and the abrogation of local constitutions (including ours!) at the altar of corporate authoritarianism. There's no longer any place to hide capitalist stealth operations of hegemony from the American people. The truth of the matter is, as you now know, that corporations and capitalist profit mechanisms, unregulated, are ruthless and destructive pyramid schemes that have played themselves out. There's not enough resources, nor enough planet to provide them their wasteful and stupid profits at the expense of sustainability.
The child's game has now come to an end. It's time to abandon profit for it's own sake and replace it with sustainability for it's own sake. This means the Earth Charter; a new 28th Amendment: Separation of Corporation and State; relocalization of organic and non-toxic economies of indigenous scale with free public services and a switch of labor and resources to the public sector.
Social democracies and sustainability, dude! Think about it. It's the only way forward. It's our destiny, if we are to survive the next 100 years on this planet.
Sandy Sanders

6-21-09 Homegrown Revolution!

6-15-09 Todays Woody Allen must-listen Interview on Fresh Air...

On Demand Mobility System...

Visualizing a Sustainable Civilization...

Adam Curtis is the most important documentary filmmaker of the 20th and 21st Century in that his documentaries cut through all the delusions of the Consumer Abstraction that imprisons contemporary First Worlders. His works ranks with Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn in it's creating access to political self-knowledge that can allow citizens to free themselves from the self induced slavery of new-age capitalist empire. His BBC documentaries have never been broadcast on US TV and can viewed from here...scroll down the page to the list of his videos...

"The Trap", "Century of the Self, and "Power of Nightmares"...

or purchased while donating to KPFA here...

Ecotopia can only exist on a foundaton of clear self-knowledge...

Dear Readers, the entry below will be my last attempt to critique the existing reality we live in as a fixable mistake. Throughout this blog there is adequate evidence of the problems, and adequate evidence of existing solutions, that would remove us from the mess we have made, only if people would act to implement them. I am moving on to ecotopia now where I am living and working, car-free and corporate-free, and envisioning, and hopefully creating, a world without republicans and democrats and a world not driving off a cliff because we're too stingy to do the right thing. I will try to document and envision movements into the beautiful depths of a sane and sustainable eutopia, where life is more important than things, where things are tools to build sustainability. Pieces of this reality are being built all around the globe including the SF Bay Area and Portland OR and elsewhere, and everyone can get involved in their home area.

See ya in ecotopia!

5/16/09 - The First 100 Days?: You/I/We Have Been Duped. The Holy Apparatus of Profit-For-It's-Own-Sake is Back in Business Doing the Same Old Thing, Right In Your Face. Look Carefully in the Mirror and What Do You See? The New & Improved Nouvelle Third World Country... Amerikaka! (Time to tell it like it is!)

More war (Afghanistan and Pakistan). More weapons (defense budget increases). More coal, more nukes, more Cap & Trade Casinos, more global climate disruption. More Un-Constitution (torturers protected, photo-documentation of torture censored, unlimited incarceration and surveillance continue). More trillions for corporate freeloaders. Single payer health care is off the table because He says so. Impeachment is off the table because She says so. NewBossJustLikeTheOldBoss tosses token election promises to duped voters playing their HopeStringPuppetMechanisms one more time. Worker rights, infrastructure and government services to the people, government jobs for the people, contractual guarantees to soldiers, are all being sacrificed to the True Gods of America - the banks, the wealthy, the corporations and big businesses.

Our US Federal Debt is 11.2 Trillion or $80,000 per taxpayer and we have given another 5+ Trillion to the Banks & Casino Wall Street while cutting government services We The People pay for. These same wealthy elites are shielded from paying taxes that would keep us solvent, and receive subsidies, handouts and War Empire Profits from our taxes to get fatter still. Privatization (called “public-private partnerships”) proceeds and will finish off our democracy and any vestige of free speech, free assembly, free access to information, or availability to protest, much less losing all our public resources to private profiteers. This is the end folks and you have sat by and watched the horror story unfold without your active dissent (protest has been way too low to affect politicians who know you will vote for Their Asshole A or Asshole B), and now, we will all pay the price. This is the lesson of democracy...defend it or perish under the monetary sword of the capitalist overlord.

We have done our best to inform, point out, cajole, humor, hint...whatever it takes to make you aware that your active involvement is necessary to restore the Republic. And you've said "thanks...but no thanks" with a smart ass little smile on your faces. Well now, if you don't do something about it, you're going to get it. And get it good. And don't say we didn't tell you later. You voted for the Great Black Hope and he sold you out like we told ya he would. Your going to "push him" are you? The platforms and policies of Cynthia McKinney or Ralph Nader would have saved your butts (single payer health care; ended all the wars for oil&empire; taxed wealth fairly, restored the Constitution; prosecuted war crimes; beefed up worker's rights; started up solar, wind and geothermal; developed high speed trains; installed Carbon Tax while eliminating Payroll Taxes; replaced Free Trade with Fair Trade; restored local economies world-wide so no wars are necessary; nationalized public resources and removed them from speculative profit motives, etc.), but you chose the result behind Door #2. And now YOU"RE GOING TO PAY!

You $%@>!*& cowards, you don't deserve democracy. So sit back with your Pepsi, your Perfect Serta, your Trinitron, your Ford, your 3 Mile Island, your GM Home Mortgage and ... EAT IT RAW!


(Time to tell it like it is! If the above diatribe makes you feel insulted or uncomfortable, then look in the mirror for the cause, not at what is being written here. It's the sad truth, and if you don't know it now, your certainly going to! All I can say now is, get off your butt and do something about it! I'm through trying to get you folks motivated. Time to motivate and activate yourself - DIY!)

4/16/09 - The Lid is Off the Scandal and the Coverup. Listen to William K. Black on Bill Moyers.

Is there any moral fibre left in Amercan citizens or are they drained of blood like a vampire's victim? Has the TV consumer culture club of the elites zombied them completely? One thing is for sure though... Obama has been setup for the royal crucifixion of all time as he will die for the sins of his masters. He really walked into this one and dragged the hopeful with him. This is so shamefull there are not words to express it. Mr O has topped it all off with a shielding of the Bush Torture and Surveillance Club, and so much toting the line to the worldwide elite agenda, it makes a mockery of the 2008 election. The only worse thing would be for the American citizens to accept what's happened without revolt.

4/13/09 - Somalia Pirates or Somalia Patriots acting as a Somalia Coast Guard to stop "European Pirates" Nuclear Dumping and Clear-Fishing in Unprotected Somalia Waters?

4/10/09 - International Day of Protest
Against the Banks Sat. April 11

One Million Strong for Separation of Corporation and State.

4/6/09 - Former S&L Bailout Prosecutor William Black Identifies Geithner/Obama coverup of Bank Insolvency and Attempted Implementation of Select Financial "Insurance Policy" (see Moyers). See NYTimes article.

4/5/09 - 500,000 Flee US Drone Attacks and Pakistan Army Bombings.

4/2/09 - G20 prints up $5 Trillion so IMF and World Bank can "help" (loan to, and further indebt) troubled economies.

"A new world order is emerging"..."from today we will together manage the process of globalization." So speaketh British Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the global elite who are apparently surfing the economic crash to put the finishing touches on their quest for a centralized global empire. And our dear Pres O has forsaken re-regulation and is sanctioning another run of IMF and World Bank Privatization Campaigns on defenseless foreign countries. After Chile, Argentina, Poland, Russia, Indonesia, South Africa, et al, who's next on the nation-state slavery gauntlet? While we bankrupt ourselves with two false wars, a bloated defense dept., fig leaf climate change, and watch a gutting of the Constitution, the rich get richer!

(more: Capitalism's Becoming Schizophrenia.)

3/25/09 - Banker Coup d'etat Takes Control by Threatening to Facilitate Great Depression II?

Have Obama's Privatized Spook Financial Gremlins put a gun to Obama's head threatening to take it all down, unless they have it their way? Today's result: Gremlin Geithner gives a $Trillion to cover hedge fund gambler's bets and Casino America Rolls On!

When will we learn?

3/24/09 - The Holy Grail of Democracy - The 28th Amendment: Separation of Corporation and State.

Riki Ott on DemocracyNow today March 24, 2009 reporting on the catastrophic disaster the Exxon Valdez spill still is, proposes the creation of the 28th Amendment: Separation of Corporation and State (see this video). No one in Washington or in any government office will touch this with a 10 foot pole but every American should grab a hold of it and ram it through the hearts of the vampire$ running our country. This is the precursor solution to instituting a sustainable society and direct democracy. Let the revolution begin.


3/22/09 - Obama: Mission Impossible

"Your mission should you accept to recuperate OUR kapitalism and restore a more resilient mutant version. We are an equal opportunity a$$hole membership organization dedicated to all those whose ruthlessness, greed and authoritarianism qualify, irregardless of race, greed, color or gender. Only those who loyal need apply. Mr. Obama ... good luck in your mission!"

Obama's window of opportunity - to avert disaster and show us he is looking out for the people's wellbeing - is closing fast. Listening to the snippets from his upcoming interview tonight on 60 minutes, he's giving Geithner a pat rather than the boot. If he continues with this, he's what we all feared he might be from the outset... a neo-smiley faced liberal with race credentials to keep the left and fellow blacks from attacking him... for as long as possible so THEY can re-implement their neo-fasho-sales pitch with a sprinkling of green jobs on top. More of the same, again, 'till it crashes again on the next administration, this time for good, taking all of us with it.

(my two-sided placard from yesterday's sf march - painting in upper left by Irving Norman)

I hope I'm wrong, but Mr. Obama, you told us to push, and we are pushing you as hard as we can before we revolt. And you are not responding. If you don't respond, there will be rebellion and it won't be just the old left. This titanic is headed for complete meltdown and we will not sit by while you and your club downsize us, or dupe us with another phoney terrorist attack (that good ole Dick seems to be lobbying for - does Blackwater do windows, and demo buildings?), or privatize our society into the hands of fasco-capitalists who demand obedience to superiority and authority rather than to the freedom of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. We want our democratic republic back so we can tweek it to real direct democracy. We will not tolerate another Bill Clinton half-baked-humanist-shield running protection from the people's wrath while the Red&Blue Corporate TheaterParty runs it's shell game backdooring our money to The Club. You have very little time left bro'. We will be in your face until you do the right thing or are ousted with Summers, Geithner and the rest of the Chicago Boys gremlinizing our civilization. Unless you turn it around. Unless

Spike Lee, please, send this man a message! Someone, somewhere, make him listen.


p.s. - here's a little truth to power stencil that appeared on the streets of our hood recently... bon appetit !

3/21/09 - Obama Front Man for Bankers

To paraphrase Obama the other day, he said we've had enough of out of control speculative behavior by the financial and banking sector and that what WE have to do is change our ways to safer practices so America can get back on track. Since Great Depression 1 there have been numerous regulations installed to prevent speculative behavior resulting in crash. The last 30 years has seen a progressive elimination of those regulations, the final straws instituted by the same Bush and Obama financial officials, resulting in our current Great Depression 2 precursor. Obama's words state his intent to allow the designers of our economic crash to reform themselves. I wonder where we would be now if Roosevelt did this in the 1930's? This is lunacy and will precipitate the collapse of his administration and possibly the collapse of democracy in the US. Is this his intent. Is this the intent of the elites? Are they so afraid of social democracy bringing sustainability to the planet, and a halt to their rebirth of laissez faire capitalism/nouvelle riche robber barons? (The names JP Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and Ford are now GE, Exxon, WalMart and BofA.)

Re-regulate, reorganize the banking and financial sectors for public, not private, benefit; withdraw from all the empirical wars, cutting the Defense Dept. by 75%; and institute a Green WPA to rebuild infrastructure, conquer global warming, and create a modern sustainable civilization to survive the next 100 years. All of those entities that have made outrageous profits since the Savings & Loan crisis of the 80's need to be taxed retroactively to refurbish the tax revenues they stole from the people's treasury. Mr. Obama, anything less and you're history. Is a recall in order?


3/9/09 - The Obama administration condones torture and the abrogation of the Constitution, allowing any government official or employee or paid consultant to have amnesty for any illegal act.

On Friday, in San Francisco, the Obama justice department argued to defend John Yoo's torture memos from lawsuit. This is the second time the Obama administration has defended illegal acts of the Bush administration. It has hereby drawn a line in the sand dividing the elite from the citizen and has delineated the boundaries of a dramatic two-tiered society. The elected of our supposed democratic republic has divorced our government from the Constitution and rule of law. I would say Mr. Obama has about two weeks to grab a hold of this ship veering off the cliff to outright authoritarianism. If Reagan to Bush II was an incremental coup d' etat, the coup is now being concluded by the man elected by the people for the exact opposite: a return to constitutional democracy. A continuation in this direction is nothing short of an in-your-face war on democracy and will be resisted and converted into a patriotic non-violent, but civil disobedient, rebellion to restore a constitutional democracy. Grab a hold of your tri-corner and start hitting the streets!


3/8/09 - A California Constitutional Convention moves forward.

Governments have become increasingly controlled by business interests seeking increased profits and the result is a superceding of the common good in our democratic republics. A surprising number of establishment organizations are gathering to move forward a constitutional convention in California. While in attendance at the Feb. 24th summit in Sacramento, I got a first hand view of suits&ties, and the formally attired folks on salary coming together saying our government is broken and needs fixing that only can come from outside the legislature and the governor's office. This welcome news is tempered by the possible oversight of key issues not surfacing to view, ...yet.

The main priority for everyone is a return of majority rule that was progressively dismembered, mostly from the early 70's on. This is the reason that a budget can never be passed on time each year as the Republican minority bands together to flip the bird to the elected Democratic majority and to the common good of our state. So repeal of the two-thirds rule was the consensus favorite. But what didn't show up were two issues that are the foundations of all of democracy's ills at this time in history:

1) the elimination of corporate personhood and;

2) election reform including verifiable vote; public campaign financing and information infrastructure; IRV; equal access to the candidates of the top 5 parties, for instance at all debates; and proportional representation.

These two set of issues are mandatory if we are to move forward with a genuine democratic republic. The existing current two-party system is nothing more that an oligarchy run by and for the wealthy. This is no longer acceptable.

I encourage everyone interested to start participating and insisting that these issues be a part of our Constitutional Conventions, first here in California and then nationally ... or regionally.

Is Ecotopia an option?


3/4/09 - Naomi Wolf Slams 'Fake' Activism

3/4/09 - Obama begins to show his cards...
Obama to Single Payer Advocates: Drop Dead
Obama Doubles Down on War
Obama's Bernanke Refuses to Disclose Who Received $2.2 Trillion in Taxpayer Backed Loans
Obama's Tax Reform: Corporations & Wealthy Shielded from Paying Fair Share
Obama Foreclosure Plan Rescues Banks

3/1/09 - Why is the unconsciousness of capitalism so deadly within our closed system?

Earth can be considered a closed system for the first time in history. It has 6.7 billion people or 1 person for every 2.5 acres of habitable land. Every action taken by each person impacts every other person and the ecosystems of earth in measurable ways that have near immediate impact. The entire climate change crisis is a perfect example. And when you add in food supply shortages, waste processing and unmitigated discharges of toxicity, we have a cauldron of troubles requiring a redesign of the system to replicate the natural cleansing and refurbishment that our old "under-populated" earth previously provided.

Capitalism has evolved through the ages by an ever increasingly growing population, to provide an over-supply of labor and customers to buy their products, while reducing labor costs via technological advances. This provides higher profits for capitalists (only those with capital are capitalists) but externalizes the increased maintenance costs of the huge numbers of under and unemployed, and the impacts of resource depletion and toxicity that technology reaps on our earthian home. More wealth, naturally, has to be redirected to governments to mitigate these costs and an economic war results between government demanding capital to mitigate, and capitalists demanding to profit, and build more capital free of regulation. The capitalists say society's problems will be solved by providing more jobs and lowering the cost of products but avoid addressing the real problem - that capitalism has externalized the costs of doing business in a closed system (dumped on to the citizenry and whatever wealth they have to pay for it), whereas the externalized costs used to be absorbed by earth's capacity to recuperate it's life-giving systems.

To avoid the maintenance costs levied by governments in this warfare for capital (regulation established to enforce the pushback of externalized costs to the producers, and taxation to pay for the social maintenance costs resulting from over-population and toxic and waste mitigation), capitalists fight regulation, lobby against social support systems and toxic cleanup, and move operations and labor to regions of the planet where less sophisticated and less responsive governments will be more compliant to their externalized cost demands. This results in the physical manifestations of: off-shoring of operations to avoid regulation and the taxation that pays for the externalized costs; outsourcing to cheaper, unregulated labor, both at home and abroad; and downsizing to increase short term profit-to-cost ratios. The conceptual/intellectual manifestations are: control of media and politicians to maintain a lock on information related to knowledge of the above (which would allow the citizenry to take political action), and to propagandize with confusive mythologies that promote society to be compliant to their demands.

While all of this is going on, capital itself has met a similar crisis. Whereas technology and lobbying for deregulation has replaced the need for labor in physical production and increased the rate of transactions per minute (thus increasing profits per minute), it has enabled complicated and unmonitored financial transactions to enter the realm of speculation and gambling. To disrupt any monitoring of these processes, influence with politicians is used to shield and disengaged scrutiny. And these same politicians also provide financial backstops for speculation failures in the form of capital bailouts that we are now experiencing.

Thus we have today's dilemma. Capitalists want more profits and less regulation because their costs have risen and they refuse to retool or redesign with sustainable maintenance costs embedded in the costs of operations, and they control the government that would make them do so. The citizens of earth meanwhile demand capitalists bear the costs of their operations and pay their fair share of the total costs of living on earth. Earth is the home of the citizens and of the businesses that operate here. Somehow the total costs of operation that allow for a sustainable life on earth must be met, if humanity is to survive. If capitalists, who have control of all the capital (because they also control our governments), will not share in and help solve this crisis of their externalized costs, then the very survival of humanity on earth is at risk.

This is the turning point. We used to be able to live as unconscious beings and rely upon our interaction with earth for a sustainable existence. That interaction now has caused toxicity in our food, water and air; the destruction or extinctions of many of the delicate webs-of-life that sustain us; drastic resource depletion and wars for control of those same resources; global hunger, suffering and forced migrations resulting from facilitated over-population and corporate gaming of the world's economies; authoritarian control of democracies to provide police state repression of citizenry seeking sustainibility; and finally climate change that may trump all our problems, and turn the earth into one gigantic cauldron of misery and possible human extinction. It's up to us now, we can either give it up now...or we can give it up...later!


2/28/09 - Obama Code or more mythology to keep the masses messed up? George Lakoff is nothing more than a New Age Edward Burnays for the Democratic Party.

According to Lakoff human beings are just too stupid to understand facts or data or specific plans placed before them. Instead he reworks Edward Bernays' propaganda theories into a lefty Reaganesque hero hearding worship for Obama. This is the excuse for Obama's vague policy directives shrouded in a "new" call to values. What is Lakoff smoking? Reagan gave us Why-not-me Values, Bush One gave us Family Values and a Thousand Points of Light, W One gave us Police State Values, and now Obama is giving us Vague Progressive Values?

Anyone who doesn't show his cards is still playing a game of hide and seek. Lakoff is trying to pry us back into the Old Woman's ShoeHouse of Trust Me Values, all the while saying human beings don't actually respond to data or facts but to "common values".

Morality has been adequately described since Plato and our inability to reach it suffers from the same diagnosis Plato gave, that political power attracts those who have neither leadership, integrity or selfless concern for the governed. So the politically powerful (rich in capital) parade before us a caravan of myth to confuse us away from changing their system.

You're full of bulljive Mr. Lakoff and you know it!

The proof of Obama's Secret Code Values will be clear after the first 100 days and we will see if the following is on the menu for the next 4 years. Empire in Iraq; empire in Afghanistan and Pakistan; US funded Israeli apartied; $7 trillion to banks while $.7 trillion to the people; fences along the Mexican border and indentured servitude for immigrants; no single payer health care; no Green New Deal; no prosection of Bush Administration crimes; more subsidies for corporations; Privatization (elimination) of good paying government jobs embedded in the Stimulus Package; defense budget goes up while the social safety nets go down, etc.

The folks who voted for Obama (I voted for McKinney because her platform described how we reverse the above and would have gotten us Real Change) voted for change to the above list of immoral horrors. Secret Codes won't get us there. Actual policies described and implemented with moral authority will.


2/28/09 - Civil disobedience scheduled for Monday March 2, 2009 will close down the Capitol Power Plant, but do we progressives have a concrete plan to submit to the powers that be that will replace the dirty coal energy?

Complaining without a plan? Ever go to your boss with a complaint, and have no plan on how your complaint could be solved? You know what the answer is to that question. So why doesn't the environmental community propose, with adequate media fanfare, (couldn't Gore get together a team to do this?) a very detailed energy replacement plan for coal? Couldn't they expand Bernie Sanders' Solar Rooftops plan and toggle in wind, wave, geothermal etc., and calculate the coal megawatts that these alternatives would provide, with a proposed allocation of resources, and a critical path to completion? (And be realistic - like we need a 90% reduction in toxics and carbon by 2020.) What is the reason for the lack of this? We need to hear what actual benchmarks are required to pull us out of our self-genocidal nosedive and then get everyone on board to share the rocky but exhilarating ride to ecotopia.


2/26/09 - Why is contemporary art so confusing to average citizens?

A better question would be why does most art, that makes it to the top tier of system approval, present ambiguity and quixoticness as the main course, leaving out any clear understanding of why it's being placed in front of the viewer? Leaving aside the fact that most people on the street haven't the vaguest knowledge of the long laundry list of achievements and philosophical groundwork forged over the centuries by artists, there's something wrong with the art world. There's something wrong with civilization. And that something wrong is our inability, or rather the inacceptability, of honestly and directly discussing how and why we humans are so alienated from earthian life. An honest discussion of the issues is plainly and simply not allowed because to do so threatens the elite capitalists and intellectual agents of commodity commerce. That's why we see so much ambiguity and convoluted, almost tortured, communications when we see many contemporary art exhibitions. The image and the tools of depiction have been used to enable a management class to rule over the rest of humanity, making things more important than life. And contemporary art now, for the most part, serves to keep us rooted into false feedback loops of confusion, fashion, the idolatry of the image for it's own sake.

I walked into SFMOMA today and most of what I saw was image objects fetishized as trophies of meaning. There were very little aesthetics for their own sake, any transcendent beauty, for it's own sake. But there was lots of glorification of images of people. Every pose and expression meant to convey some meaning, while meaning as a whole is completely lost in the hypnosis of the depicted. The video piece upstairs by Desiree Holman had 3 identical screens of young people in floppy masks dancing to some pretty nice electronic music, with green auras around the dancer's bodies. It's kinda creepy to see the masks we wear flop around in obviousness. We usually wear them seamlessly to safely navigate our way through a day of civilization survival. The gauntlet dance was shown without the pain, or the punishment, of our daily life real versions. I would have liked to see them tear those masks off and leave them at school or the workplace or at the museum, and then joyously dance around like a Matisse painting. Dancing with them on just says "oh the masks we have are just good tools to make happy, so we can feel that something good is happening rather than there actually being positive outcomes". Wouldn't it be more useful to have some communication that the masks and the civilization that require them, need to be jettisoned as an archaic tool of cultural domestication? But that would probably be too audience insurective for the museum director who needs to keep on top of his hierarchy of confusionism. As do all Management Staff. As do all who mask themselves within an artificial system of resource usury.

I realize that many will deem my critiques to harsh and blunt, but I think it is time we all, all of us on earth, realize that we are past the time of social niceties making lives sweet for a tiny few while obstructing a successful evolution for our species. In the US we are the tiny few and the Third World, and their national resources, are our unwilling conscripts serving us like slaves. I am not outside of this nasty pyramid scheme either. But I do see it for what it is and am doing everything I can to make the conversion to a sustainable reality.

We need to stare into the now and see there may be no future what-so-ever if we don't start being blatantly honest about what we are doing here on earth. And we need to design a new reality full of rationality, harmony and brilliant creativity, We need a world of people sharing everything needed to survive and enjoy life. Anything short of this is pyramid scheming bullshit. One-up-manship manufactured as a false bridge over the alienation our whole society experiences. This alienation can be bridged only by returning our minds and hearts to mending our relationship to earth and to one another. And "art", like religion, psychology and fashion, has been judoed into being a tool of confusive herding, and now serves as detriment rather than oracle.

There's plenty of great art around and SFMOMA in recent years has shown a ton of it. Magritte, Richter, DeKooning, Arneson, Haring, Kelly, Artschwager, Pollock, Gursky, Lewitt, Puryear, Viola, Calder, Cornell to name a few, have made art that heightens our awareness and prepares us for the intellectual transformation to transcend our adolescent civilization. We have no time for art that sucks us back into the vortex of obedient apathy, making life a palatable playpen for consumer culture. It's time to turn in art that helps us corner into our dreams...into a livable now...into a livable future..into ecotopia.


2/20/09 - Oligarchs reach new low with NY Post cartoon.

2/17/09 - Obama Showing His Cards? "Obama to ease curbs on CEO pay" (Washington Times 2-16-09)

Mr. Obama is coming out in the open. His policies are beginning to show he is the oligarch elite's president. Have the American people been sold down the corporate river of profit? We're getting the first glimpse and it looks real bad. So bad, that the billions stolen by corporate hacks appears to be okay dokie with the new prez. Rich Boys & Girls Club marches on? Only time will tell. We should know all we need to know within the first 100 days.

2/14/09 - America, where money was declared God, Ruler, Priest and Teacher on January 20th 1981, any thought of a real democratic republic has been absorbed by the Holy Profit Monsters and their TV Mindwipers that sell you a cure to a disease they create.

Bush, Cheney, etal will get away with murder; War Empire expands to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Gaza; Panetta says CIA can still torture; judges are paid by privatized detention centers to funnel-in 5,000 teenage "customers"; cops kill bound and unarmed citizens; a coal spill 48x bigger than the Exxon Valdez occurs with barely a sideways glance; CEOs continue to dole out billions directly from our Treasury to themselves, right in our faces; the Bailout is 9x too much and the Stimulus is 3x too little. A Green New Deal is nowhere to be found; we are the only country not nationalizing our banks; free public transportation, electric cars and trains, and free residential solar would solve the world's energy crisis and cost less that the Stimulus Package, but does not fit into the profit plans of the corporations who manage USA Corp, so no deal? Instead they prescribe toxic nuclear and coal because solar would be free (and free means they don't make money! and this is just not allowed in America!).

The Profit Monsters say we need to restore credit and borrow money. But how can we borrow more, when there is no money? They lost it all. And if we can't print money and there is no gold to back up money, how can banks loan us money they don't have either. And why do, we the people. pay them interest on money the don't have but loan to us? If companies live off credit they should go out of business. Why don't they have capital. from savings, like we are supposed to do, to survive economic fluctuations? If a corporation goes bankrupt the CEOs loose nothing. If average citizens go bankrupt they loose everything. Why does business come first and citizens last?

Sheeple! When will you rise up and begin ruling yourselves? How much more pounding will you take from your slavemasters before you act on your own behalf to stop this evil being done to you, your children and to future generations?

1/29/09 - James Hansen: Obama Has 4 Years
to Save the Earth.

1/26/09 - A warning letter for Mr. Obama ... Utopia-for-Elites is in failure mode, but they will hold their money and power, downsize the peons (you and I that sacrifice the better part of our lives to provide them with their personal utopia), then point their fearful capitalist gun to our heads demanding us to get down on our knees and pray for forgiveness. (ex. Home Despot - Bernie Marcus)

Utopia for them, dystopia for humankind. Their pyramid scheme has run out of tricks or treats, so strap yourselves in for the inevitable Nightmare on Main Street - 24 Hours style. Too many people, not enough raw resources or landfill space, too much pollution and environmental degradation, too much vampirazation of social infrastructures, too much gaming of a phantom monetary system and too much war, poverty and police state to control the disenfranchised, too much duping of the citizenry. So now that the natives will become restless and demand change, how will they attempt to keep democratic reforms from permanently disenfranchising them, and create social democracies that values life over money? Will the Red&Blue Corporate Party listen to the needs of the people, or to the elites need to reconstitute their pyramid scheme? Or will they continue to rely upon the mainstream media propaganda machine to continue to mind-wipe any vestige of truth regarding current events from coherent view? (Some typical obscured truths: the Israeli Goliath uses Gaza as a slaughterhouse of Davids to terrorize Palestinians into abandoning their homeland; all the current wars and conflicts are conducted as a method of imposing empirical control of cheap labor and resources so we can have our American Consumer Utopia on the backs of "foreigners"; mythologizing that the elites engines of money and profit automatically benefit everyone, thusly tricking us into believing government is bad (because it must regulate greed and create safety nets that remove the fear required to keep workers from demanding a share of profits).)

Isn't it interesting how amidst so many massive layoffs, bankruptcies and bailouts the stock market is still at the levels it was at the peak of the 90's high ride? The elites must hate what Obama is trying to do which is, or which should be, to transfer the fate of our planet back to the public realm, the realm of the people and away from the tyranny of the capitalist casino in the sky. Talk about pie in the sky. How about pie in the eye?

Look out Mr.O, here come the fear-fascists who used phoney terrorism to replace the cold war, with it's ability to maintain control over free economic activities of localities free of war and corporate control. They will bomb us with their whining. They will bomb us with their media confusionism. The will bomb us with their layoffs, their takeovers, their consolidations, their bankruptcies, and their pirateering of principal and equity that provokes collapse. The will bomb us with demands for tax cuts. They will bomb us with more downsizing and demands for privatization when it should be nationalization. They will bomb us with their trickle down. They will bomb us with the myth that only the employer gods (them) can supply our world with jobs. They will bomb us with demands for more subsidies galore, and de-regulation some more. They will bomb with wars and conflict and phoney terrorism created by their own dysfunctional realities. And they will bomb with their bombs.

And look out Mr. O because we won't accept anything short of a social democracy with safety nets for citizens and jails for rich thieves. We want taxation of profits. We want sharing of profits and the defunding of pirate capitalism. We want a Green New Deal and solar rooftops feeding the grid while storing extra energy as hydrogen for nighttime use. We want new high speed electric trains with with efficient passenger service 7/365. We want free local public transit (it's already more than 60% taxpayer subsidized, why not go all the way and triple ridership). We want single payer health care. We want a national pension system protected by our government from private profiteering. We want shorter workweeks and more employment making useful products instead of 50 types of cars or 50 types of toothpastes and the profligate waste and toxicity produced. We want corporations stripped of personhood status... and get them out of lobbying our government with their selfish profit schemes. We want monetary reform that returns us to a system of actual wealth rather than phantom wealth. We want vote reform that verifies each citizen's vote, restores simple majority rule, eliminates the influence of money, and initiates direct democracy. We want tax reform that returns burden to the wealthy and off the backs of the poor and middleclasses, and modernizes the IRS to restore the $200 billion/year of stolen profits by the wealthy. We want a free public school system, kindegarten through college, like the Danes have. We want the Defense Dept. downsized by 90%, the creation of a Department of Peace and the signing of the Earth Charter. And we want a reorganization of public airwaves split 50/50 with commercial businesses who pay for our public, free access media and internet, with their leased airwave fees.

And we will take nothing less.

And in the meantime we will start urban and rooftop gardens and buy local produce and products. Ride bikes and design new public transit. Generate our own clean power locally. Shop locally and boycott corporations. We will mend and repair what we have and create a new reality from design science and ecological wisdom. And we will abandon the capitalist pyramid scheme paradigm that has driven our world to the brink of disaster.


12/17/08 - Life After Capitalism? Madoff's Empire of Illusion is being called a "pyramid scheme" crime by our capitalist society. In fact capitalism is a pyramid scheme, and everyone coopted into capitalism has the "natural" (capitalistically socialized) proclivity to deny the truth of this fact.

First tribalism ruled our societies survival within earth's ecosystem. Then rulers and kings and capitalists, progressively used ever increasing amounts of central planning, hierarchy and protocol, wealth and power, and cult of the personality, along with the bribery of a few in an ever-ascendent management class to lead the productive proletariat in the eternal quest for profit. Rulers and management class benefitted with a lifestyle of convenience, leisure time and luxury, in exchange for leveraging resources earthian and human.

Tribal societies, having learned to live in harmony with themselves and with earth, had no defense against the immoral and abstract behavioral modalities that authoritarianism and capitalism used to dominate their worlds. When our capitalist ancestors and their abstract paradigm encountered tribal societies they immediately saw their vulnerability and took advantage as their (and now our) programming code allows. Just like finding gold in "them thar hills" the tribal "primitives" were seen as "uncivilized and unworthy of equal treatment" and were used as a "natural resource". Consequently they were stripped bare for any usefulness, slaughtered as necessary, and left to fend for themselves as they could.

The abstract paradigm that sees Earth, life and other humans as the Other, becomes the alienated war-like entity we see today, battling within an abstracted and falsified hierarchy for survival. This is the essence of our modern "man" and he (we) along with "his" (our) capitalist paradigm (mythology) are coming face to face with system collapse.

Madoff ("made off" as Jay Leno so aptly pointed out last night) is a perfect example and a fractal of this collapse. Apparently his personality was calm, charming...

...and facilitated trustworthiness, just like any good politician, businessman or actor doing their "job", and the illusion they project to facilitate a fully functioning paradigm of [class] benefit. Truth and reality are just nasty little obstacles that need to be ignored or used as a resource or propaganda. His sons and family knew nothing as he kept the books under lock and key. (Secrecy, story telling, mythologies, surveillance, fear and paranoia are required to be member in this club.) The money he piled up evaporated into the thin air of it's creation. How does one dollar become 33 dollars? How does one dollar become one billionth of a dollar?

How does $50 billion dollars disappear? How does 7.7 trillion dollars appear and disappear? Like Mr. Makoff's myth making, it's not worth the paper it's printed on. Get it? The state sanctifies banks to loan money that it prints, as banks need, with nothing behind it 'cept the 'thority of the master...

We've all accepted an illusion of value when in actuality it's an illusion of debt. It's basically a joke we all buy into. And now the joke is becoming our awareness. The joke is on us and survival, real survival, is going to be working together to provide each other the necessities of life: air, water, food, shelter, clothing, energy and tools...and bikes...and art

The leveraging game of one-upmanship is over and when we trick our brothers and sisters, our greatmother, and our greatuniverse, we trick ourselves. Kinda like instant karma is here NOW.

So what is life after capitalism like? I don't know. But I think we are about to find out. If we can do this transition fast enough, maybe not a catastrophe. In the end I think it will be geometrically better. Localized, neighborly, foody, friendly, not poor and not rich, kinda class free and kinda ...tribal. With thrift stores trading all of our contemporary tools and goodies from the past, with neighborhood: garden collectives, tv, radio, movies, galleries, clubs, cafes, brewpubs, games, tournaments and fairs, solar and stills, bikes and trains, and reuse and cradle to cradle redesign everything. Creative, fun, non-toxic.

We can figure it out ... sans the capitalist, postmodern, programming code gibberish. I can't wait!!


12/15/08 - Thank you Muntadhar al-Zeidi! You are our hero! George Bush is the 2008 winner of the al-Zeidi Golden Shoes Award! Millions of us in America would like to do what you did, if we could get close enough to our Emperor Bozo. [this is an addendum 12-18-08 ...unreported in all the mainstream media and unknown to me until listening to DemocracyNow that al-Zeidi yelled when throwing the shoes...

"This is for the widows and orphans and all those killed in Iraq!"

... this makes Bush's and America's reply all the more revealing with the level of alienated self delusion that accepts death and destruction in exchange for empire...] And Bush's reply..."I don't know what his cause was..."

12/13/08 - [Where are the Whitehouse Wiretaps?] "I'm getting regular death threats," Emanuel said, according to an ABC report. "You've intruded too much."

The Blagojevich wiretaps, indictment and impeachment flow like a waterfall even before Obama takes office. Isn't it interesting how the Reds and media are rabidly flailing around with this bludgeon seeking what it will surface. The President Elect's Chief of Staff is getting "regular death threats" and this is not a headline? Seems to me the Reds are REALLY into high stakes risky behavior here. Emanuel may never have bargained with Blagojevich, but if he KNEW that Blagojevich was bowling for dollars but just said "no thanks", this means that Blagojevich's behavior is common practice in all of American politics. What I want to know is what do the Whitehouse wiretaps disclose? Bush & Cheney Co. divvies up Iraqi oil parcels to Exxon, BP and crew; fabricates factoids illegally creating invasion, occupation and a million civilian deaths; unconstitutionally tortures and incarcerates anyone; facilitates massive oil profits; drops off pallets of $billions for desert sands warlords; and finally creates economic collapse worldwide to destroy the working classes, steal and consolidate all our money & power; and now are attempting to install privatization as their last radioactive zombification of reality? And this all goes by the board, no questions asked? And Obama now has a potentially impeachable offense for inauguration day dangling over his head. How poignant.

[This risky Red behavior is a gambit that will finally expose the red&blue corps for the frauds that they are, and the whole SUV will sink into the tarpits of oblivion forever. Are they flushing themselves down their own toilet? Bye Bye... and good riddance!!!]

Where are the Whitehouse wiretaps?

My observation is that this postmodern theater of the absurd presented to us by the Red&Blue Corporate Party is just as they like it. A slop opera of covert empire & corruption presented in such a fashion as to say to us plebs..."isn't it all just so confusing ...the result of the foibles of human behavior? so endearing, but...and ...don't you just want to throw your hands up & go have a latte with friends and forget all about it?"

Where are the Whitehouse wiretaps?

I think the fU(!<!N& @$$h0!e$ are going to finally get their karma dharma with a cherry on top...and their komrades say...Wishing You the Best of Goodbyes! Cheers!


12/12/08 - The Detroit bailout blockage presented by the reds...

... is an attempt to break the autoworker unions. The red&blue corporate party could care less about the chump change of $30B, and are apparently willing to sacrifice the entire American auto industry in the gambit. They just gave a blank check for $TRILLIONS to the banks, no Q's asked, but hold hostage the largest group, probably in the entire world, of decently paid union labor, as the enemy? This government is run by gremlin grade incompetents....The economic crisis as a whole is being used in an attempt to break unions, crush labor & constitutional rights, and demand privatization. The reds will drive, the blues will sit in the passenger seat ... and all of us should be riveted on every slight move by Obama as president. I think we'll know right away where this SUV is going. Scary.


12/11/08 - $42 billion California state deficit! Look out... comes all the same old cuts we saw with Prop 13 and the Reagan Recessions in the early 80's because capitalists want more profits for themselves while the working class is tapped out! Athletics, arts, education, public infrastructure and government services get the short shrift. while the wealthy close businesses, layoff workers and sit on their huge stash of cash. They refuse to help out, or hang in during tough times. They prefer to whine about how it wasn't they who caused the problem "it was government regulations and pensions and health care and high priced labor!". They demand privatization and cuts to their taxes (remember trickle down?) to gut our government. They wait for us to get down on our knees.. "before your MASTERS!" Oh no, mister bill, pleeeeeaaaase!


12/11/08 - Economist Herman Daly's 10 step program to restore our economy from Jan/Feb '09 Adbusters Big Ideas Issue.

12/11/08 - New Energy Chief Chu favors biofuels, clean coal, nukes, solar, wind and geothermal but is head of Berkeley Lawrence Livermore Labs funded by $500 million BP greenwash to turn biofuels into the oil industry's new energy drug addiction. Can the new Nobel Laureate appointment show the brilliance to abandon the large scale capitalism of biofuels and switch to localized residential solar with hydrogen storage tanks in the basement?

12/11/08 - A typical example of the propaganda (such as the $70/hr auto worker wage myth) of our existing government/media conglomerate foisting off ridiculous attempts to destabilize stable democracies...

See this Yahoo News article stating the "opinion" of the IMF that Spain is in economic trouble and recommends "implementing comprehensive structural reforms" because the new "socialist" infrastructure programs are responsible for a predicted .9% economic contraction next year. They want Spain to institute laws allowing easy firing and stiffer contracts with workers. And this is because Spain's public debt is 5% of GDP. US debt meanwhile is close to 70% of GDP!

Does this sound like the pot calling the kettle black? This field of hypocrisy is what we are surrounded with on a minute by minute basis by media saturation bombing of the American public until they can't tell truth from reality. And it's the same strategy that our Congressional Republicans are using in their opposition of the Detroit Bailout. They've given $800 billion (or possibly $7.8 trillion) already to the financial sector, no questions asked, but are quibbling about $15 or $30 billion chump change to Detroit? So what are they attempting to do in opposing this?

The Bailout is a diversion of our tax revenues (and future revenues for generations to come) to speculative banking and a stock market gambling casino that has caused an economic collapse that is now being used as an intellectual trap to "no way out" indebted consumers (that they engineered through deregulation and the promotion of greedy consumption over sustainability and savings since 1980) and as a sledgehammer to labor contracts, pensions, healthcare, and infrastructure support that only government should provide. This is the final stage in the eternal quest for the private sector to strip bare the public sector, it's only sole competitor for total control of our civilization.

The great indicator to watch for in the next few months and years is the call for privatization. The minute we start hearing this call, from Obama or anyone else, is the minute that we know that the hammer of the capitalist's Shock Doctrine has been raised to crush the bottom 95% of American society. Will this mark the day we will rise up (re-evolution) to restore and reconfigure a sustainable world?

11/26/08 - Has the Trillionaire Money Matrix Illusion Machine Society finally collapsed?

Does anyone really know what's going on or what they are actually doing in driving the $7 trillion Bailout Hindenberg? Has the balloon of the housing market exposed the balloon of the credit market exposing the balloon of Reagan-style Capitalism? Is the house of cards finally coming down?

Contemporary Reagan Brand free market capitalism is built on the illusion of value, built on the illusion of value. The geometric bubble requirement for "growth" to sustain profits has finally burst. Not enough customers, too much product. They have created such an insatiable requirement for consumption to feed profits that it's no longer sustainable, and they keep fueling the fire with bigger illusions. People are not buying. First "banks are not lending", and now "people are not borrowing"? Say what? Who is going to borrow, or buy anything except food, if tomorrow you're out of a job or out of business? So the Bailout goes from $700 billion to $7.7 trillion in a heart beat. $7.7 trillion? $7.7 trillion is the equivalent of the last 8 years of US tax revenues! There is only 829 billion US dollars of cash in circulation and most of that is held abroad. So we are pulling 9x that amount out of thin air? What happened to the last 30 years when we nickel-ed and dim-ed every social and environmental cause into crisis...that if we had cheaply solved we would be solvent right now?

I think we need to let the drunken captains go on ahead and drive themselves and their consumer culture Humvees off the cliff and tell them not to let the cliff rocks hit them on the way down. We have what we need to rebuild. The technology. The tools and the people to make it work. We just need to get together and make it work for all of us. And make sure there are no more bosses telling us to slave for their luxury and our indentured servitude!

It really is over isn't it? Thank god and good riddance!


9/26/08 - The Empire Tightens It's Grasping - the Age of the Mirror is upon us...

On the 4 year anniversary of my RNC abduction off the streets of NYC by NYPD, my internet connection went down for nearly a month and I was unable to keep up with the evolving bimbo police-puppet culture in St. Paul and Denver. The connectivity lesson learned is how the internet (DemocracyNow, Indymedia, email, etc.) now functions as the vehicle for democracy for & by the people. The lesson learned after catching up is how pathetic all those cops look with their android robo-cop riot gear in 20x numbers vs a 1x poor unarmed, t-shirt clad young adult, just pounding away on them on the ground, or shooting pepper spray in the face of a young woman offering them a flower. If the cops could just see themselves in those videos, and detach themselves from the battle-comrade mindset, they could see how they have been setup by the system as the prison guard enforcers for the elites and their magic kingdom of Oz, minus the silver shoes, the heart, the mind and the soul. Their cop bosses, their city attorneys, are paid liars and perform their jobs with a righteous indignation that only Alberto Gonzales would be proud of.

The Matrix (the pop art film) gave us The the close of the 20th century. It represents that metaphor, allegory, simile, homonyms, puns, and all of the intrigue creating subroutines of lingual representation, have been relegated to tools, as has all of The Matrix, rather than the God roll they have played in the past, ...and our reflection is as clear as day and it's not pretty. Obedience to a system of abstractions is obsolete. The path out of the Room Full of Mirrors, that is the Matrix, is clear as well. Unplug, detach and switch to the sentience of universe, the original programming code for navigating evolution successfully. The artificial umbilical cord of greed, leveraging life for personal or family benefit, is the black hole pulling us out of orbit to the harmonies of universe.

There doesn't have to be any violence, just lots of sentient consciousness driving daily life behaviors. We've gone through the abstract cocoon phase and have all the tool toys we need to leverage a beautiful survival on beautiful earth if we so choose. The choice is now ours to take. No need for wild myths or gimmicks to hypnotize us into passive compliance to an alienating reality that crushes our true nature. The future is ours, and as an acquaintance just said to me yesterday...

..."so what's the next step?"...