(small version) 1981, 18 pages, 3.7 x 2" found object flash cards. Self cover with comb binding. Original edition of 50. Unknown disposition. (1) book remains. A new edition of 25 to be completed sometime in the near future.

(large version) 1981, 3 x 8" manilla card stock, xerox printed, 18 pages, self cover, comb binding. Placed in "store rack style" packaging. (7) remain from edition of 100. Unknown quantities sold through Artworks, L.A. and others. "Book" in packaging is $12. Add $4 shipping and 8.25% tax if purchased within California.

Sandy Sanders
2200 Adeline Street, #250A
Oakland, CA 94607

(Note: my given name is Marshall Sanders and I used this name attribution until about 1995 when I switched to my better known nickname, Sandy.)