Price tag says: "$Priceless!"

Price tag says: "$40,000,000,000"

Price tag says: "$426,000"

Price tag says: "$1,000,000,000"

Price tag says: "$200"

Price tag says: "$30,000"

Price tag says: "$209,000,000,000"

Price tag says: "$7,400,000,000"

Price tag says: "$538.00 plus tax"

Price tag says: "$4,500,000"

Price tag says: "$1,330"

Price tag says: "$24/7/365"

This street art show/installation was created to counter and reframe the premises for making and displaying art in relation to the existing contemporary art scene as represented by the San Francisco ArtMarket yearly "trade show" venue. Our current world is dominated by a capitalist commodity mentality that constrains social dialog and personal expression to the boundaries of the pragmatics of the commodity. While the Art World may present some radical politically relevant works, the postmodern fashion statement of mandatory ambiguity and non-committal points of view predominates their "industry". The result is an art-washing of any and all opposition to the capitalist culture which is driving Earth's citizens to accept terracide. This is cooptation and neutralization of all artists opposition to a destructive social paradigm that must be changed to re-sync human evolution to sustainability. We placed two sets of paintings on the sidewalk. One representing things that are free. One representing things that are definitely not-free, produced by capitalism as cures to the diseases it has created. While these not-free things are sold to us as technological advances, capitalism's single minded profit motive designs these "advances" as prisons rather than solutions. Instead of solving the needs of humanity to evolve on an ever shrinking Earth, the 99% are sold a one-way ticket to monetary slavery and a destructive consumerism to feed the selfish profit objectives of the 1%. This work is meant to challenge this prevailing paradigm in the art world and the rest of "civilization". All of the interactions with the public as they walked by concerned aspects of this issue. People are starved from lack of access to this dialog. They have been shut out by the art world, by the corporate media, by their "representative" democracy that represents the interests of the 1%. This is a tragedy engineered by the gang of thieves that is the 1%. Discussing this topic within the belly of the beast is forbidden. Forums like this, held within the People's Commons, can address these issues and be a starting point for public discussion and problem solving. The paintings that were "free" were indeed free, available at 6pm Sunday at the end of the show. Those that were "not-free" paintings had price tags attached as part of the work that generally listed the average prices of the object depicted. The paintings were made with old pots of paint on recycled Ram Board. They are primed with clear acrylic medium and long lasting. They are also crude, naturally transitional physical objects, reflective of the real world we live in. I love the look and feel of Ram Board and feel it is a wonderful, cheap, abundant and beautiful recycled paper material of archival resilience, ready for use by the Commons as a viable visual medium.

Making, displaying and viewing art can be fun when not imprisoned by the facsism of capitalist dictates. We can and will free ourselves.

Until we all free ourselves, we have to make a living so my art objects are for sale after installation pieces are done. They are priced by ability to pay.

After-Show prices (w/approx. sizes) for the 99% are:

large (18") ......'. 65.
medium (14") ... 45.
small (9") ......... 30.
tiny (4") ........... 15.

After-Show Prices for the 1% are:

100x the above prices.