Join a CONSUMER STRIKE! to Restore
Ajit Pai declared this week he would enact the dismantling of net-neutrality. We fought hard to have it instituted during the Obama years and even though the FCC received 21 million comments, hard to believe there would be US consumers wanting to get screwed, He is going ahead. Dims do virtually nothing as usual. Obama was actually not on board until the very end with vociferous public demands for net-neutrality. There are no issues here. The internet was invented by US gov funded researchers and is universalkly used by every resident of the US that has access, for news, information and communications. It should be a publicly owned utility run at cost for the people. But this is America where we are actually ruled by and for Commerce.

There is only one option we have to stop this. Withdraw our money from the ISPs (internet service providers) and demand a return to net-neutrality. Here's what you can do:

Print out the letter below, sign it and attach it to your bill. It says you are reducing compensation to your ISP services by 50% until net-neutrality is restored. After 3 months if ne-neutrality is not restored it will be reduced to $1. You may have late fees charged and other harrassment but they cannot boot you without advance warning, enough time to pay your bill or find another ISP. Repeat this until they scream. In the mean time send a copy of this letter to the CEO of your ISP, and your representatives, and let them know your actions and demands. If lots of people do this it will mess up their cash flow and show them that the public determines policy not corporations or the 1%.

(Right-Click the image below and save as a jpg or, Click on it to open and save as a pdf.)

Ajit Pai announces the dismantling of net-neutrality.
Why worry about the elimination of net-neutrality?

February 2, 2017

This is War on the 99%.

The 1%, the Banksters, the billionaires, the TwoParty. The good cop/bad cop and now MAD COP Sting against the 99%.

This is War on the 99%.

Since WWII the 1% engineered defunding of the Public Commons to reduce taxation, increase personal profits and disable the ability of the 99% to oppose THEIR undemocratic takeover. Over-spending War and calling it "Defense" to secure the national interests of capitalists. Civic over-spending for Police to terrorize and control the People. Each step in this process since 1980 has increased the 1%'s wealth and power but also created gross inequality and economic dysfunction for the bottom 80%. De-engineering the social fabric of American society has created mass dysfunction and dismay for the 99%.

This is War on the 99%.

The only DICTATED options for the 99%, the TwoParty, offered Tweedle Dee Neoliberalism or Dweedle Dum Neoconservatism, offering no options to solve the social needs of humanity starved by the greed and avarice of the 1%. A demagogue rose out of this chaos to promise holocaust against the Establishment, but delivering only Holocaust against humanity.

This is War on the 99%.

The 99% now sit unrepresented, facing a Neo-Fascist imposing his will via edict like a Third World tyrant. Racism. War. Defunding. Privatization. Walls. Threats. Belligerence. All designed to see if America will allow a Dictator to assume control and dictate a descent into neo-serfdom for the 99%. DemoRats scramble to look good while facilitating the ongoing passage of power to the dictatorial recouperation effort of the 1% to continue controlling a world economy blown up by 1% incompetence and unrepentant self-aggrandizing greed. The faux conflict and spectacle of faux conflict between the three components Good Cop - Bad Cop - Mad Cop, fools no one but the minuscule minority that BELIEVES they will benefit, and the 1% who knows they will benefit no matter what happens.

This is War on the 99%.

What is left for the 99% and in particular the bottom 80%? Representative democracy, the republic, has proven itself in the modern global electronic era, a complete dysfunctional disaster serving no one but those who steal power via capitalist wealth, media myth making and third-person violence against the 99%. The existing system is absolutely illegitimate in serving the social needs of the 99%.

There seems to me only two solutions. 1) Direct Democracy and a new Constitution based upon Direct Democracy where the 100% vote directly on Policy and the government becomes employees of the People paid to implement of be fired. 2) Secession of States and/or Localities into self-governing regions that separate from the dysfunctional tyranny of the US 1% and those who support the existing system. Those Red States that wish to continue with the Neo-Fascism of the 1%-TwoParty-tRUMP can continue and all those who believe the same can GET THE FUCK OUT OF ECOTOPIA AND NEVER CONSIDER TRY COLONIZING US AGAIN!!!

This is War on the 99%.

We are done with it.

Fuck Amer1%can Emp1%re into the waste bin of history!