Join us for a one week, Wednesday February 1 to 8, for a General Consumer Strike of the 1%er Empire Facebook as a first step in building a self-organizing movement of General Consumer Strikes to shut down the 1% -TwoParty - tRUMP tyrannical rule over the 99%. Enough 1%! We want and must have our own self-rule! Accept our demands for self-rule or go bankrupt!

Fed up by a system that does not respond to the needs of the 99% and ONLY represents the financial desires of the 1%? Has the tRUMP presidency sealed the deal in your mind that the TwoParty is a lying pack of thieves that will NEVER do the right thing? And that proof of this is for the Dems to claim and call out loudly to the public... RESIST tRUMP! But then in Chambers vote in his Insane Clown Cabinet and Appointments? (Mad Dog Mattis was approved as Secretary of Defense by a Senate vote of 98-1)

Civil rights in the streets and the tradition of civil disobedience are repressed by the constant threat of police weaponry, violence and even life destroying fines and or police records. 13 million people were in the streets the first Sunday of protests in 2003 and the TwoParty did nothing but approve the invasion of Iraq. The 1% have learned their lessons from the 60's and 70's. Ignore all protest. These two elements together, repression and complete autocracy, have allowed the political scene in the US to become completely unresponsive to the social needs of humanity. They have been overridden by the economic needs of the 1%. Racism, poverty, war, police state, and economic injustice for 99% is rampant and will be magnified dramatically by the Insane Clown Presidency of tRUMP. So the thought is to protest the only safe and effective place left: THE1%R economy.

A GENERAL CONSUMER STRIKE will be our unified voice to shut down this autocratic system. Our demands? That the 1%, the TwoParty and tRUMP stand down and take a seat. That they facilitate the 99% to network, locally and by internet, so that we can vote on and decide US policy priorities collectively. Then direct Congress and the President to implement them or be fired. This will be the practice of ruling, by directing elected officials to implement the policy choices of the people, until a new DIRECT DEMOCRACY based Constitution is written and approved by the collective population of the US.

The above is a first cut idea to get us to a society that creates it's own policy that provides for the social needs of humanity. A free-for-all capitalism fueled by neocon war and neoliberal economics has proven itself a complete failure for the 99% and a serious enslaving element for half of all humanity on Earth. We need to move to a sustainable peaceful world of coexistence, freedom, justice and egalitarianism. The 1% and their hegemonic control of capital and economy has laid waste of humanity for the last time. They must step down and allow the 99% to rule ourselves while the 1% find a way to become rich without our help.

In this respect this site is here to sponsor independent social action to defund the 1%, the TwoParty and Donald tRUMP. Without our money, which they use as their fuel, they will fail to function. The threat of across the board bankruptcy is what they will have to deal with, as we the 99% deal with every day. Let's organize time periods for Consumer Strikes! with the ultimate goal grand GENERAL CONSUMER STRIKES! that hit the 1%'s economy across the board.

The first proposed strike is on Facebook for the one week period of Wednesday February 1 to Wednesday February 8, 2017. This site will post a STRIKE! banner pic for you to download and post on your page in FB. Leave a short comment of your choice to help others realize you are on STRIKE! and will return to FB on Wednesday Feb. 8. You might even drop in each day ONLY to repost the STRIKE! notification. Let your friends know why and ask them to join you! Post a link to this site where they can get more info and join in the movement for a world of egalitarian self-rule.


Quick Instructions:

1. You want the 1%-TwoParty-tRUMP to stand down so the 99% can decide Policy instead of these meatheads.

2. You are ready to take action by joining General Consumer Strikes to empower demands described above.

3. February 1 you will be on STRIKE! against the 1% management of Facebook for one week.

4. On Feb. 1 you will leave a message declaring your STRIKE! on your FB page/timeline.

5. Add one of the banner images below and a link to this site so others can know and join in.

6. Possibly post the same message and banner each morning to reiterate STRIKE!

7. Return to Facebook as usual Feb. 8 and encourage others to STRIKE! for DIRECT DEMOCRACY!



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February 2, 2017

This is War on the 99%.

The 1%, the Banksters, the billionaires, the TwoParty. The good cop/bad cop and now MAD COP Sting against the 99%.

This is War on the 99%.

Since WWII the 1% engineered defunding of the Public Commons to reduce taxation, increase personal profits and disable the ability of the 99% to oppose THEIR undemocratic takeover. Over-spending War and calling it "Defense" to secure the national interests of capitalists. Civic over-spending for Police to terrorize and control the People. Each step in this process since 1980 has increased the 1%'s wealth and power but also created gross inequality and economic dysfunction for the bottom 80%. De-engineering the social fabric of American society has created mass dysfunction and dismay for the 99%.

This is War on the 99%.

The only DICTATED options for the 99%, the TwoParty, offered Tweedle Dee Neoliberalism or Dweedle Dum Neoconservatism, offering no options to solve the social needs of humanity starved by the greed and avarice of the 1%. A demagogue rose out of this chaos to promise holocaust against the Establishment, but delivering only Holocaust against humanity.

This is War on the 99%.

The 99% now sit unrepresented, facing a Neo-Fascist imposing his will via edict like a Third World tyrant. Racism. War. Defunding. Privatization. Walls. Threats. Belligerence. All designed to see if America will allow a Dictator to assume control and dictate a descent into neo-serfdom for the 99%. DemoRats scramble to look good while facilitating the ongoing passage of power to the dictatorial recouperation effort of the 1% to continue controlling a world economy blown up by 1% incompetence and unrepentant self-aggrandizing greed. The faux conflict and spectacle of faux conflict between the three components Good Cop - Bad Cop - Mad Cop, fools no one but the minuscule minority that BELIEVES they will benefit, and the 1% who knows they will benefit no matter what happens.

This is War on the 99%.

What is left for the 99% and in particular the bottom 80%? Representative democracy, the republic, has proven itself in the modern global electronic era, a complete dysfunctional disaster serving no one but those who steal power via capitalist wealth, media myth making and third-person violence against the 99%. The existing system is absolutely illegitimate in serving the social needs of the 99%.

There seems to me only two solutions. 1) Direct Democracy and a new Constitution based upon Direct Democracy where the 100% vote directly on Policy and the government becomes employees of the People paid to implement of be fired. 2) Secession of States and/or Localities into self-governing regions that separate from the dysfunctional tyranny of the US 1% and those who support the existing system. Those Red States that wish to continue with the Neo-Fascism of the 1%-TwoParty-tRUMP can continue and all those who believe the same can GET THE FUCK OUT OF ECOTOPIA AND NEVER CONSIDER TRY COLONIZING US AGAIN!!!

This is War on the 99%.

We are done with it.

Fuck Amer1%can Emp1%re into the waste bin of history!

The Wall is a lie.
Immigration bogie-man stats are a lie.
Anti-Tax arguments are a Sting Operation on the 99%.

There is no government. There is only corporate management.
US democracy is a lie.
Remember, the 1% would eat you alive if they could get away with it.
They sell you a cure to a disease they create.
If democracy were valid in the digital age why isn't every citizen on their representative's weekly emialing list and asked for feedback, or even asked to vote on every policy decision so the representative can accurately vote on your behalf?
If AI were to replace 50% of all jobs and the 1% made all the profit but did nothing to redistribute that capital that ended up almost entirely in their hands, wouldn't you be angry? Don't you think, because of all the AI PR spread on media, that this is what their intent is and doesn't it seem as though they are completely ignoring the fact that the entire society will be without a source of income if tRUMP+ privatizes everything and 50% of families are penniless? And how are the 1% going to thrive when 50% of people are penniless without job opportunities of any kind, and want to KILL them, and there is no flow of income coming from the bottom 50% of society? Are they thinking at all or are they fantasizing that half of the world is just going to die for them on demand and all will be ok because they made the world cashless and a few keystrokes and six zeros will solve all their problems? Do the 1% have human minds at all or are they just fascist dicks that hate all Life except their own glorious selves? To be succinct, in our human world, these people are absolutely obsolete and need to be retired somewhere where they can harm only themselves... and please do it quickly. Remember Bogie Land?
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