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Pac Man Eats the World!
is a 30 second spot tv ad that expresses my horror of Bush Administration policies. They seem to be trying to consume or destroy as many natural resources as possible, control as many human resources as possible, so they can have as many dollars as possible. What good will the money do them if they have created war, fear and terror, toxified the environment, killed innocent people, ruined schools, destroyed social safety nets, downsized employment, upsized work hours and lowered wages? How much security will they need to make the hell they are creating, liveable?

Below are four versions of the ad in Windows Media format. They are freely distributable as long as they are used in a not-for-profit manner. If you find need for a different file format (.avi, .mov, etc.) or would like a broadcast quality file, please contact me and I will email or send you a cd. BlueJayWay email

Smallest file size but a little grainy...pac_man_360x270-250kbps.wmv (1.5mb)

Small file size with good image quality... pac_man_360x270.wmv (2.8mb)

Medium resolution and good image quality...pac_man_540x405.wmv (5mb)

Full resolution and good image quality...pac_man_720x540.wmv (9.3mb)