"Panem et Circenses" (Bread & Circuses) 3-person collaborative exhibit @ New Zone Gallery, Eugene OR - July 2022
The show received a good review in the Eugene Weekly.

Sandy's works on this site copyleft.

Entryway Exhibit Statement.
My painted cardboard gateway entry piece.
Closeup of the Bread (hot dog) & Circuses (stadium). :-)

Entry view.
East wall view.

South east view with my homeless man.

North wall view with mostly Asante's works. My "security cam" is up high on three of the exhibit walls to make sure no funny business happens. :-)
North wall with mostly Ralf's works.

More of Ralf's works in the north east corner.
South east corner with mostly Ralf's works. Mine marked with blue dot.
South wall, my works indicated with blue dots.
The homeless man is titled "The Disposables" surrounded by "American Trash", (16) pieces on the floor and "Killer" as you can guess.
"American Trash".
Finally finished "Monopoly Man Blows It All Up". I now must do a shadow box 3d layered version.
South west wall. My work marked by blue dots.
West wall view.
All works copyleft sandy 2016/17. Thank you Tup Wanders for the wonderful Fettecke font!
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