Proposed People's Policy & Budget Ballot for 2020
Exhausted by the daily shock of idiotic and destructive policy and budget decisions made by the US TwoParty and local politicians?
You can do something about it. You can direct your government to implement the will of the people. By filling out the ballot available here, and sending copies to your president, representatives, senators, governor, mayor and local councils, you can tell them the specific policies and budget decisions you are directing them to implement.

Our elite say "government of, by, and for the People" but there is not one act of our government or politicians that confirms this statement. Politicians autocratically take rigged, private-monied-candidate elections as a contract to do as they please with no formal accounting of the People's will. No direct constituent polling or vote via representative's website to get direction on policy or budget. Nor any other polling other than corporate and 1% owned "polling firms" run through 1% owned media.

The end goal here is to have a US Direct Democracy form of self-governing. The first stage will be directing the existing system to implement the will of the People in Policy & Budget decisions in the existing legislative process. Repealing laws such the Patriot Act and others that abrogate Constitutional Rights will be necessary. "Corporate Personhood" precedent will be eliminated and "person" will be defined by law as human being only. Politicians will be scrutinized by the People and fired if they do not or cannot fulfill their job of implementation. The People will appoint replacements. The second stage will be to meet in local meeting places connected by internet with other locals and regionals to establish procedures for implementing a direct democracy to replaced our failed 1% republic. I know this may sound an insurmountable task, but are their any better options? Or even are there any options where the 1% has control?

Eventually, we can have a tally of all vote results by constituent district with verifiable results transparently available to all. All politicains and voters will know the score and every act of government can be scrutinized to conform to the public will. Whether this November or next let's get this started ASAP and have our will recorded to force politicians to implement our directives. This is a collective effort and requires everyone's participation to work.

Please feel free to contact me and send me your ideas. If you feel this Ballot serves your expressive needs as is, please fill out the ballot and send copies to your reps and see what they say back. Let me know what they say. That will be interesting!

pdf download the large print Voter's Guide here.

pdf download the Ballot bundle here.

Find your Elected Officials and Contact Info here.

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