"The Art of Train Graffiti", a one person exhibit @ Springfield City Hall Gallery
Springfield OR - July 1-31, 2023

Opening Reception Second Friday ArtWalk @ City Hall Gallery 5-7pm.

A wonderful promotional review in the Eugene Weekly just out!


2016, living in Mapleton, OR, I noticed the graffiti covered, train car layover area on my walks and bike commutes. When I went up close for a look, those giant sprayed custom letterforms seen from afar disappeared into colorful abstraction. I began taking digital photographs. It felt as though I was standing in front of early abstract expressionist painting. The layering of, artist’s work, train staff signage activity, one over another, then Mother Nature’s aging and wear, melded into a unique visual experience that I though people should get a chance to see. On top of the above art are smaller scale, line-work tagging, personal cartooning graffiti, and written conveyances of all kinds from traditional graffitiers like Bozo Texino.

The artworks in the exhibit, channel the above total sum experience, while adding my own visual contribution, post-photographic documentation. I like graffiti works that cover the entire rectangular side of full train cars. A herculean effort in my estimation. In all the works, I’m attempting to capture and emphasize a composition & color, visual art experience with their, and my, contributions and presentation. The show includes13 brand new pieces among over 25 art objects, including one 60 inch, full train car, on 69 ft. of wall space.

Entry view looking east.
"Ecotopia 1" (my tag btw) and "Bubble Gum"

"Night Passage" and "Fantastic Planet".
"Split Decision".
"The Marksmen" and "Battle for Place".
"Things As They Are".
"Beautiful Train Car" and "Breaking Out".
"South of Salem".
"Bright Moments".
"Flow Beat".
"Cut & Paste".
"Fall Colors" and "Musical Cats".
What a future Ecotopia might begin to feel like.
"Location Unknown" and "Stroke of Midnight".
View west.
There I am, exhausted, but jazzed to see all the work up in one place.
All works copyleft sandy 2016/17. Thank you Tup Wanders for the wonderful Fettecke font!
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