Wired Series of Digital Painting Experiments
These digital paintings are unique and present paintings on canvas that can only be made through the digital-painting-to-print process. It allows for a spontaneity and effect I don't think possible with brush and paint on canvas. My goal at this time is to produce at least 5 large scale prints on canvas plus a few smaller canvases for an exhibit @ New Zone Gallery Eugene in 2023. Each large painting would be 40" x 60" or larger. I have applied for grants. $5,000 would cover the expenses of a large format print vendor and related costs for the canvases, smaller images, flyers, posters and installation. Three donations of $1700 would enable the show in 2023. Each donator would receive one of the large paintings in return. Or one full donated amount of $5000 would receive three of the large paintings. Please contact me at  Sandy@Sandys.art to discuss. Thanks for listening. Blessings.

Prices for prints of digital paintings below can be obtained here.

Works on this site copyleft.

"High Above, Mountains Sing" (2022) digital painting (wired series #18) (recently output on giclee canvas at 22" x 75", $1600.)
"The Best of Everything" (2016) digital painting (wired series #13)
"Coordinating Strategies" (2016) digital painting (wired series #15)
"Intractable" (2017) digital painting (wired series #17) (current 22" x 30" giclee canvas output, $650.)
"Working Towards Unity" (1997) digital painting (wired series #1)
"Tower" (1998) digital painting (wired series #3)
"Of Course You Can't!" (2005) digital painting (wired series #5)
"Calculator" (2021) digital painting (wired series #12)
"Jungle" (2008) digital painting (wired series #14)
"Post Mortem" (2006) digital painting (wired series #5)
"The Three Apostles of Industry" (2006) digital painting (wired series #11)
"Picturesque" (2006) digital painting (wired series)
"High Rise" (2006) digital painting (wired series #10)
untitled (2014), digital painting
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All works copyleft sandy 2016/17. Thank you Tup Wanders for the wonderful Fettecke font!
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